The incredible David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), who dedicate themselves to saving vulnerable animals in Nairobi, Kenya, have pulled off another inspiring rescue: this time, that of Godoma, a terrified baby elephant who was found trapped down a well.

On the morning of Aug. 14, a group of Conservancy Scouts from the Taita Hills Sanctuary found her down the well, where she had obviously been through a life-threatening struggle in her efforts to free herself. The scouts helped her out of the well, but it soon became clear that they would not be able to simply release her into the wild. She was still milk dependent, only around two months old, and according to the scouts, looked like a “desperate vulnerable figure” as she wandered on a nearby plain.


She was kept under observation for most of the day, with her rescuers hoping that her mother and herd would come back to retrieve her. However, with no sign of any elephant herd nearby, and with the baby suffering for lack of milk, the Taita Hills staff contacted the DSWT elephant keepers from Voi.

The DSWT team said: “(Taita Hills Sanctuary) is situated an hour and a half’s drive from our Voi rehabilitation unit and the keepers wasted no time getting to the site with much-needed milk formula and some daylight in hand. Simultaneously a rescue aircraft was mobilized from Nairobi and our Nursery Keepers prepared the necessary rescue equipment.”

At the Taita airfield, the two rescue teams met and carefully prepared the frightened elephant calf for her flight. She arrived at DSWT’s Nairobi Nursery that night.

Although the poor elephant initially cried for much of the night, obviously “missing her lost family enormously,” her carers saw to it that “with the reassuring company of the rest of the Nursery orphans along with loving tender attention from her keepers, she eventually settled. We have called her Godoma, the name of the valley close to where she was rescued.”


They are now hoping to keep all of Godoma’s well-wishers updated on her progress via their Facebook page. Let’s hope she manages to make a full recovery from her ordeal!


Good luck, little one!

All image source: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebook