Elephants in the wild have a lot to worry about. On top of the typical motherly worries that comes with caring for their young, elephants nowadays have to be worried about poachers coming to steal their tusks, money-hungry individuals seeking to capture them and force them into the cruel tourism trade, and of course, the illegal wildlife trade that often ends with elephants relocated into zoos or circuses.

With all of these different issues to worry about, it’s no surprise that elephant families have been shown to warn each other when humans are nearby and continue to learn basic defense mechanisms. Just look at the baby elephant in the video above who is learning how to charge. With mama right next to him, this sweet baby is in defense mode, charging at the camera man, and whipping his trunk around. His body language is louder than he is and it’s saying, “don’t mess with us, I’m pretty tough.” This baby ellie’s charge is undeniably adorable now, but we’re sure that one day it will be just as ferocious as the rest of his herd!


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