We recently learned about the devastating impact that wildfire season is having on Australia’s koala population. We were in awe of the incredible work that local rescue organizations are doing to help injured koalas and were thrilled to see so many volunteers stepping up to make mittens to cover up painful paw burns. News of the need for koala mittens spread far and wide and within a week, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was overwhelmed with the number of mittens they received. Thanks to these donations, IFAW has reached their mitten quota (and there are still many more coming in that they have yet to count!).

But now, they are once again calling on the world’s compassionate individuals to dust off the old sewing machine to help sew pouches for rescued kangaroo joeys, possums and wallabies.




In addition to koalas, IFAW has rescued many kangaroos, possums and wallabies from the fire zones, but sadly many of these animals are now orphans. These young animals use their mother’s pouch for comfort and protection, so rescuers are making 100 percent cotton pouches to help rehabilitate these orphans.

Rescuers need to change these pouches after feedings, meaning one animal could go through up to six pouches a day. Of course, the cotton pouches can be washed and reused, but it is important to have an ample supply on hand as more injured animals are brought in.

If you are interested in making some pouches for these needy animals, click here for instructions on how to sew pouches. IFAW writes on their blog, that if shipping costs to Australia are too high for your liking, you can also help by making a donation to the organization.


With a little TLC, these joeys, wallabies and possums will be able to grow up in a safe, healthy environment and potentially be reintroduced back into the wild where they can live free. Good luck little guys!