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As a society, we still insist on using other animals for entertainment purposes. We push them past their limits and in many cases, entertainment becomes exploitation. Anyone who has met a family greyhound knows that these are the epitome of a gentle giant. Unfortunately, many greyhounds don’t get to have the comfort of a life at home, and instead are forced to race for human entertainment.

Though this problem still persist in America and abroad, Animals Asia reports that, “according to the Association of Racing Commissioners International, gambling revenues from greyhound racing in the US fell by 67 percent from 2001 to 2011 while the industry’s tax contribution similarly nose-dived by 80 percent in the same period.”

These numbers are great, but we can’t lose sight of the dogs that are still wasting away on tracks. GREY2K USA just recently released undercover footage from a racetrack in Florida, and the death toll is staggering.

Now, Animals Asia is working toward ending dog racing abroad.

At a recent Asia for Animals conference, over 175 animal protection groups came together and “unanimously agree[d] to back a campaign to prevent the spread of greyhound racing in Asia,” according to a press release from Animals Asia.

That’s what we call teamwork!

While many countries are moving away from greyhound racing, Animals Asia says that sadly tracks in Asia are popular tourist attractions.

In order to end this trend, Dave Neale, Animal Welfare Director for Animals Asia says, “If the dog lovers who come to the tracks in Asia only knew that the sport results in the death of so many healthy dogs, they’d turn their backs on it. It’s no longer entertainment once you know the suffering behind the facade, and that’s why it’s so important that international organizations present a united front on the issue.”

And present a united front they have! The collaboration among groups in Asia, in addition to GREY2K USA’s expansion into becoming GREY2K USA Worldwide, and the public becoming more educated, all lead us to hope that there is a chance greyhound racing will end soon.

Image Source: Winky/Flickr