Sharks get a bad wrap around the world and it is this fear that has placed these animals in a dangerous position. From a lack of empathy for the animals, to pollution, shark culling and the horrible practices of the shark fin trade, sharks really have a tough time.

Although sharks get the short end of the stick, there are people out there that are taking the time to help them out.

Recently, in the coastal waters off Sydney, Australia a group divers discovered a shark that desperately needed some help. A young female Grey Nurse shark was slowing dying, as an elastic cord was wrapped around her gills.

The Grey Nurse shark is considered vulnerable by the IUCN Red List, citing a low reproduction rate of only two pups per litter and the proximity to coastal areas and human interactions as threats. The shark can be easily approached by divers and often gets caught up in fishing nets.

To save this particular Australian Grey Nurse shark, the group of divers organized an amazing rescue effort, which you can check out in the video below!

Truly it’s time to change our ways when it comes to what we let slip into the blue waves of our oceans as our waste and litter continues to literally strangle the life out of marine life like this nurse shark.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has already begun a campaign to collect ocean plastic and turn it into fashion but you can help the oceans in other ways as well! Check out what you can do to help right here!