“When I eat my lunch with my friends, they always throw away all of their school lunch and only eat the piece of fruit or dessert because they say the rest is nasty.”

You heard it folks. From the mouth of a babe, school lunches (and our national diets) need a bit of an overhaul. Thankfully, eight-year-old Genesis Butler of Long Beach, California is here to tell it like it is! In the wake of restrictions to combat an unprecedented drought, Butler spoke before the Long Beach city council along with others from the community in order to draft a resolution that would declare Mondays in the city meatless.

Butler is vegan and obviously extremely passionate sharing the benefits of her dietary choices, and she does it with passion and enthusiasm. Speaking more clearly than many with considerably more years on the earth than she has, Butler urged the council to take action not only on behalf of human health, but for the environmental benefits.

Listening to her is positive proof that everyone can make a difference, regardless of age, gender, size, ethnicity, religion or background. Everyone has a voice and, like Butler, we all must use it!