Cats have a reputation of being independent, quirky, sometimes mean and not the most loving pets (at least when compared to dogs). The truth is cats (just like dogs) are very fond of their human guardians but generally have more nuanced and less demonstrative ways of expressing their love and affection.

Dorian, the cat in this video, however, defies all cat stereotypes. His human best friend Cadyn was only away for a few days, but Dorian obviously missed him a lot.  Cadyn appears fast asleep and largely oblivious to all the snuggles and hugs and desperate pleas of attention from Dorian.  While this is not your classic bestie reunion moment where both are equally overjoyed to be together again (because Cadyn barely flinches through it all), it is amazing to see how much love Dorian has to give and just how demonstrative and almost un-cat-like his behavior is.


Cat lovers, give your feline bestie a big hug after watching this. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a hug back!