There are currently 70 million stray animals living in the United States. Only around six to eight million of these animals will be brought into shelters every year. What is even more shocking, is that only a tiny fraction of the animals who make their way into shelters ever end up finding a forever home.

While we might not think that animals experience feelings the same way we do, this is hardly the case. We all need someone to love and care about us, especially if you happen to be a small animal in this great big world. Just look at this kitten who was just brought to her first forever home.

Reddit user, Lady Dayne, writes, “I adopted a kitten today that was found as a stray. It’s his first night sleeping in a bed! He seems to be appreciative.”

She continues to explain that the kitten spent the entire night purring. Clearly, this happy kitty knows he has found his forever home and is ready to give his rescuers tons of hugs and snuggles to show his endless appreciation.

Lead image source: Lisa Larson/Flickr