When you think about it, it really doesn’t take that much to make a dog happy. A couple of treats, a game of fetch every once in a while, and making sure that their bowl of water is full when they’re thirsty and they have plenty of food to nosh on when they’re hungry, and they’re pretty content. Despite how simple it is to follow through on these tasks for our companion animals, some people cruelly choose not to. We can’t wrap our heads around why someone would keep a dog in their possession simply to abuse them or make them live out a miserable life, but sadly this kind of thing still happens.

Last February, a Lurcher was rescued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and at 22 pounds, was, in fact, the thinnest dog inspectors had ever encountered still alive. The poor dog, called Ned, was less than half the average weight for his size and breed. RSPCA got a hold of the pup after Ned’s owner, Maria Staniforth, had actually called them claiming Ned was a stray she had found on the street. After these claims proved to be untrue, Staniforth was jailed and has since served 18 months in prison.

How anyone could allow their dog to deteriorate right before their eyes is beyond us. You can just see the pain in this poor pup’s eyes. 

Thankfully, after Ned’s story began to circulate, dog lovers began donating food and clothes to the charity to nurse the poor creature back to health. Between the RSPCA and the kind helpers, Ned has doubled in weight and looks healthier than ever! 

Ned has a new home, a new family, and three new dog siblings to play with. We’re so happy that Ned is in safe hands now! 



While Shaniforth hardly took responsibility for the tragic condition Ned reached, we are happy that she decided to call RSPCA and hand over Ned. Goodness knows this pup wouldn’t have lasted much longer in the hell he was living. Now, Ned has over 60 acres of land to roam and is being given all of the basic things he needs to survive, and more! We wish you the best, Ned, your brightest days are ahead of you, buddy.

All image source: Mercury Press