Happy World Elephant Day, Green Monsters! The Jane Goodall Institute has released a very special message from (you guessed it!), Dr. Jane Goodall herself in honor of this very special day.

According to Goodall, approximately 96 elephants die each day at the hands of mankind, and the destruction of elephant populations is occurring at an alarming rate. In fact, it is estimated that around 35,000-50,000 African elephants die each year for the ivory trade. And the current rates at which elephants are being slaughtered are greatly exceeding pachyderm birth rates, meaning if we don’t start cleaning up our act, our planet is at risk of losing these giants.

In the words of Goodall, “If we don’t all get involved, the time’s going to come when the elephants are gone.”

Luckily, there are ways to help! Goodall recommends that her fans get involved in any way possible, big or small. One example of a way to get involved is to participate in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. The march calls for bans on the trade of wildlife body parts and raises global awareness on wildlife trafficking. If you simply can’t attend, spreading Goodall’s message will allow you to educate the general public on elephant conservation.

Show us your celebratory spirit, and start helping our pachyderm friends!

 Lead image source: Erikk (HASH) Hersman / Wikimedia Commons