The purpose of a sports drink is to help replace water, electrolytes and energy or carbohydrates. Electrolytes role in sports drinks is to rehydrate your body’s fluids and replenish potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium in your body that have been lost from exercising. Exercise isn’t the only way that your body can become dehydrated; diarrhea, vomiting or starvation will also cause dehydration. So replacing electrolytes is important for many reasons.

So why is this wonderful murky water from a coconut better than a sports drink to rehyrdate your body?

We know sports drinks come in a bottle, but where does coconut water originally come from?  Coconut water comes from young coconuts, they are also called Thai young coconuts. A Thai coconut is a green coconut that has been harvested before maturity.

Coconut water is a 100% all natural electrolyte.  It has less sodium and significantly more potassium, which studies have shown we need more of.  It has less sugar, which is a good thing and no fat or cholesterol, which is a great thin… and it’s gluten free.  If you  are sold on coconut water based on these reasons…check out some suggestions below. If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe these interesting facts will get you excited to give it a try.

Coconut water has been shown to lower blood pressure because of the electrolyte content, helps to lose weight (if you replace it with soda, juice or sports drinks) and is great for skin because of its hydrating properties.

You might find this hard to believe, coconut water has a ph level that is extremely close to our blood, it was used as an IV during WW II and in other Third world countries.

If you still don’t want to try it or haven’t tried it yet, you might want to pick it up the next time you are hung over, it helps that headache go away much faster.

The best way to drink coconut water is right out of the coconut, if that isn’t an option.

Here are 5 Coconut Waters to reach for, to rehydrate your body:

1.ECO’s Beverages 100% Coconut Water 

ECO's Coconut Water

ECO’s packaging is a 100% recyclable, the Tetra Paks are BPA-free and use minimal plastic.  Their packaging also uses less energy, since it does not require refrigeration, resulting in a low carbon footprint. Most of their coconut water comes from plantations in Thailand that use organic growing processes or undergo organic certification.