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If you have made a choice to reduce your consumption of animal products, I am sure other then being asked “Where do you get your protein from or B12?” you have been asked “Where do you get Omega 3’s from?” since the assumption seems to be you can only get them from fish sources.  Fish sources are one way to get Omega 3’s, but not the only way.  There are many different plant sources that are great sources of Omega 3’s.

So what exactly are Omega 3’s? Well, omega 3’s are essential fatty acids or EFA’s that are made up of ALA, DHA and EPA, yep a few more acumens to add to your repertoire.  You definitely want to make sure that you are getting these EFA’s, they are essential for your body to function and your body doesn’t produce them.  Since most people are aren’t getting enough Omega 3’s, increasing your intake is a good thing.

If you are experiencing inflammation or a decrease in brain function it could be from a lack of Omega 3‘s.  Since their primary role is to reduce inflammation which can help prevent heart disease and arthritis and improve overall brain function such as thinking, learning and your memory.

Some of the different plant options are nuts such as pecans, almonds, pistachios and walnuts are definitely the leader of the pack, soy and hemp seeds are other great sources and even wild rice, black beans and kidney beans are good sources of Omega 3’s.

Hands down the Omega 3 superstars are algae, flax oil and flaxseeds and chia seeds.

Algae is a staple food for fish, which is where they get their Omega 3’s from.  So this one is a “no brainer”, even Dr. Oz recommends it as a vegan option.

Flax oil and flaxseeds are the clear winners not just because they are one of the best sources of Omega 3’s, they also contain the highest concentration of Lignan out of any plant source.  Lignan is a phytonutrient that is only found in plants and has been linked to fighting prostate cancer.  The mighty chia seed is no slouch either, this little seed is a great source for calcium and has amazing hydrating properties.  Both of these “super seeds” are high in soluble fiber and protein.

The other great thing about getting your Omega 3’s from these plant based products is, no more “fish burps”.

1. DEVA Omega 3 DHA Time Release

DEVA Omega Delayed ReleaseDEVA’s products are derived from algae and are a 100% vegan and certified from the Vegan Society.  They have a number of different options available, such as time release capsules that with stands stomach acid for up to 3hrs and allows the capsule enough time to reach the small intestines to dissolve and allow for better absorption