The killing of Black Americans has been a public health and human rights crisis for a long time now. This violence spans decades. But it wasn’t until recently when the video of George Floyd’s death went viral that more Americans and people around the world finally understood and decided to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Floyd’s death was the tip of the iceberg. There have been countless deaths like his, one of which was the death of Breonna Taylor, who was murdered right in her own home by police.

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old emergency room technician who was laying in bed with her boyfriend after midnight on March 13th when police officers stormed into her home. They were investigating men selling drugs out of a home far from her home, but were also given a “no-knock warrant” to search Taylor’s residence because they believed one of the men may have received a package at her home once.

Under this warrant, they entered without warning and without identifying themselves as law enforcement. Anyone would be terrified. They didn’t know there were police officers in their home, so Taylor’s boyfriend shot at the leg of an officer (who is making a full recovery) and then the police unleashed gunfire. Taylor was shot eight times and died on the scene.

That was in early March and no charges have been brought in her murder.

As this petition states, “Like the war on drugs, “no-knock warrants” and SWAT raids have disproportionately and violently victimized Black people.” Breonna Taylor’s name needs to be said. Justice needs to be served. The men the police officers were investigated had already been arrested and no drugs were ever found in Taylor’s home.

The following officers: Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Brett Hankison, and Detective Myles Cosgrove have all been placed on administrative duty, which means they are still being paid to work. Sign this petition urging Attorney General Daniel Cameron to charge Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Brett Hankison, and Detective Myles Cosgrove with the murder of Breonna Taylor.

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