Do you have trouble falling asleep? Are you struggling with insomnia or just want to be able to wind down smoothly for bed? Perhaps prescribed medication isn’t working for you or you would like to try some more natural products first. Well we’ve got you covered. A good night’s sleep is important for our mental and physical wellness. There are natural plants, herbs, and roots that are blended into teas, essential oils, capsules, and gummies to help you.

Here are 15 natural, vegan calm-inducing products available on Amazon to help you get a better night’s rest.

1. Maharishi Ayurveda Worry Free Herbal Tea

Worry Free Tea

Source: Maharishi Ayurveda Worry Free Herbal Tea

This Worry Free Herbal Tea has ingredients like peppermint, spearmint, licorice, ashwagandha, and more! A box of 20 tea bags costs $6.95.

Lisa Allen says, “Holy Moly! I love this tea. I’ve been drinking every night for the last 4 months or so. I relax and can just chill before bed. I highly recommend this if you need to wind down.”

2. Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager

Cortisol Manager

Source: Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager

Integrative Therapeutics say their Cortisol Manager “helps to support the body’s natural rise and fall of cortisol, resulting in feelings of relaxation and a more restful night’s sleep.” A bottle of 30 capsules costs $23.18.

Shea says, “This helped me with two things I’ve struggled with for a while: waking in the middle of the night and waking with anxiety in the morning. I had tried many many things to fix either one and nothing helped. I’m ordering my 3rd bottle because this is all that helps me…and it helps 100% with both. 5 days of not taking it and I have anxiety again in the morning. This is my saving grace!”

3. Tealyra Lovely Night

Tealyra Lovely Night Tea

Source: Tealyra Lovely Night

This Tealyra Lovely Night tea contains rooibos, chamomile, peppermint and vanilla. Chamomile “is a mild and relaxing sleep aid” and is “excellent for battling anxious thoughts, mild depression and insomnia.” The price for four ounces is $13.87.

Daniel says, “This tea is amazing!!! I have tried other sleepy time teas, but this one actually works. It also tastes and smells DELICIOUS! It’s calming and lovely. It’s so relaxing.”

4. Nested Naturals LUNA Gentle Sleep Aid

Source: Nested Naturals LUNA Gentle Sleep Aid

These vegan sleep capsules have valerian root, chamomile, melatonin, and more to help you get better sleep. A bottle of 60 pills costs $21.95.

Stephanie says, “Now that I have found Luna, I know I can finally sleep fully and safely.”

5. MaryRuth Organics Liquid Sleep Multimineral

Liquid Sleep Multimineral

Source: MaryRuth Organics Liquid Sleep Multimineral

For those who don’t want to swallow capsules or steep tea, this vegan, liquid coconut-flavored sleep aid is just for you. The 32 ounce bottle costs $37.95.

Jason says, “This product has assisted in deeper sleep for myself. Less tossing and turning, and a more restful feeling in the morning.”

6. NutraChamps DREAMRITE Natural Sleep Aid

Dreamrite natural sleep aid

Source: NutraChamps DREAMRITE Natural Sleep Aid

The DREAMRITE Natural Sleep Aid has a natural herbal complex blend of valerian, chamomile, magnesium, hops extract, and melatonin. The bottle of 60 capsules costs $18.99.

Amy says, “I am amazed. I have crazy anxiety and would spend countless hours trying to sleep, and sometimes not even sleeping at all. This product has eased my body into relaxation, and has stopped my mind from replaying the day over and over.”

7. Organic India Tulsi Wellness Sleep Tea

Tulsi Sleep Tea

Source: Organic India Tulsi Wellness Sleep Tea

This sleep tea contains an herbal blend of tulsi, chamomile, peppermint, and more! The price for 18 tea bags is $5.99.

An Amazon customer says, “Now this here tea is a box of magic. Calming, soothing, healing, I can’t really explain what it is, but from the first sip I ever tasted I knew I didn’t want to live without it. I am not exaggerating. This is my favorite way to put myself to sleep at night. Gentle and it tastes like love.”

8. Vitafive Natural Sleep Aid Gummy Vitamins

Vitafive Sleep Gummies

Source: Vitafive Natural Sleep Aid Gummy Vitamins

These Vitafive Natural Sleep Aid Gummy Vitamins contain melatonin to assist with sleep and are made with natural colors and flavors! A 60 count pack costs $13.29.

Johanna says, “I have had trouble with getting to sleep for a while and have tried a number of melatonin products. These definitely work, the melatonin gets me nice and drowsy within 15 – 20 minutes, but moreover they are extremely delicious! I actually look forward to eating two of them before bedtime because they’re a sweet treat with a much more appealing consistency than other gummy products.”

9. Lotus Beauty Rest All Natural Sleep Aid & Beauty Support 

Lotus Sleep aid and beauty support

Source: Lotus Beauty Rest All Natural Sleep Aid & Beauty Support

Lotus Active Essentials says their Lotus Beauty Rest All Natural Sleep Aid & Beauty Support has a “combination of all natural ingredients such as Chamomile, 5HTP, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm and Magnesium will help you ease that racing mind and relax your body. This allows you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.” The price for 30 capsules is $23.74.

An Amazon customer says, “I bought these on a whim and absolutely love them! Im so glad I stumbled upon these Beauty Sleep Vitamins. They help me fall asleep and get some much needed rest, and I have also noticed a huge difference in my skin! No more crazy breakouts since using the Beauty Rest by Lotus. I sleep better and my skin glows!”

10. Hemp Oil Natural Sleep Aid

Hemp oil

Source: Hemp Oil Natural Sleep Aid

This Hemp Oil has a mint flavor and is good for reducing anxiety, pain relief, weight management, as well as being a natural sleep aid. The price for 2 oils is $29.95.

Tommy says, “I am sleeping like a baby since taking this product and it has really helped ease and eliminate pain from arthritis.”

11. Garden of Life mykind Organics Sleep Well Spray

Garden of Life Sleep Spray

Source: Garden of Life mykind Organics Sleep Well Spray

The Garden of Life mykind Organics Sleep Well Spray comes in the form of spray which is great for those who don’t want to swallow pills or drink tea and want a quick remedy. The price for a 2 ounce bottle is $16.79.

An Amazon customer says, “This stuff seems to knock me right out. Five spritzes of this stuff, and I’m fighting to keep my eyes open thirty minutes later. Add to the effectiveness that it actually has a pretty pleasant flavor, and this’ll be something that I’ll come back to when I find that I’m still experiencing problems sleeping.”

12. Edens Garden Good Night High Quality Premium Aromatherapy Oils

Goodnight essential oilsSource: Edens Garden Good Night High Quality Premium Aromatherapy Oils

This Goodnight Essential Oils blend contains Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key Lime, Lime, and Vanilla. The price for 10 ml is $15.45.

Laura says, “Better than any sleep aid I’ve tried, and I’ve tried them all.”

13. It’s All Good Deep Sleep Natural Essential Oil

It's All Good Essential Oils
The It’s All Good Deep Sleep Natural Essential Oil is so convenient to carry around and comes with a rollerball for easy use. The price for 0.3 ounces is $12.00.
Vanessa says, “I am obsessed with the deep sleep essential oil! I’ve been putting it on my wrists and neck before bed and I love the relaxation sensation. It rolls on nicely which is a plus when you don’t want to use too much.”

14. Rooterra Organics Lavender Essential Oil for Anxiety and Sleep

Lavender essential oil

Source: Rooterra Organics Lavender Essential Oil for Anxiety and Sleep

Rooterra Organics Lavender Oil is an all-natural organic remedy for alleviating stress, agitation and insomnia. According to Rooterra, “the two main constituents of lavender oil, linalool & linalyl acetate, are responsible for its sedative and relaxing effect and can be achieved through topical use or aromatherapy.” The price for the one ounce bottle is $28.99.

An Amazon customer says, “I have been recently having trouble falling asleep, and was looking at some more natural ways to help. I remembered that lavender oil was something that might ease my mind, so I started researching products on the market. Rooterra is one of the only ones I found that was organic, and came in packaging that was recyclable.”

15. Art of Tea Organic Sleep Tea

Sleep tea by Art of Tea
The Art of Tea Organic Sleep Tea is made with organic green tea, organic rosehips, organic raspberries, natural flavors. The price for the 1.5 ounce tin is $12.99.
An Amazon customer says, “This is a wonderfully calming, relaxing tea that I fully enjoy just before bedtime.”
We hope these products help you get better sleep! For more remedies that might help you rest easier, check out 6 Easy Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep, Kick Your Insomnia With These 5 Sleep-Inducing Foods, and 10 Foods You Should Eat for a Good Night’s Sleep.
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