While it’s an excellent time to take a load off of your mind and veg out on some entertainment, why not incorporate some inspiring, invigorating, thought-provoking, and educational content in between?

Amazon Prime Video may be the streaming service to find both your entertainment and inspirational content to keep your brain occupied during quarantine! This virtual dump bucket of every show, movie, or documentary under the sun gives you the option to dig into the archive to find some of the best new and archived entertainment available.


Amazon Prime is offering its standard 30-day trial to stream shows all content. Plus, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can find a slew of free video offerings geared towards families and the kiddos! While it may not be the 100 percent free option you’re looking for, the 30-day trial will at least get you through to May.

Looking for a documentary with a fresh spin on it? Here are a few plant-based, real-food documentaries to hit Amazon Prime Video within the last year.

New Must-See Documentaries

1. Revolution Food (2019)


Revolution Food is one of those films to give you hope for our future, focusing on thepositive changes taking root in our modern food system.” Instead of look at what we’re doing wrong, this documentary “focuses on real farmers who are growing/raising real food — and the consumers who are demanding it.” Directed by Loretto — from Abruzzo, Italy “a small town in the countryside that still grows, raises, and makes the majority of its own food” — and produced by Brian — from Corpus Christi, Texas, “the largest cotton-producing city in the U.S.” where he was exposed to the industrialized food and farming systems — Revolution Food provides a balanced perspective of a changing food system in America.


3. The Invisible Vegan (2019)


The Invisible Vegan is a unique independent documentary film “that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by plant-based vegan diets and lifestyle choices.” Providing personal stories and experiences, the Invisible Vegan draws primarily from the vegan lifestyle and in-depth research of Jasmine Leyva, “a 30-year-old black actress and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles.”


3. The Biggest Little Farm (2019)


If you don’t recognize the name of this film, then it’s definitely time hunker down on the couch and watch it!


The Biggest Little Farmchronicles the eight-year quest of John and Molly Chester as they trade city living for 200 acres of barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature.” The focus of their farm is to utilize Mother Nature’s natural system of order instead of relying on pesticides and harmful agricultural practices. The director, John Chester, shows through beautiful cinematography and heartwarming narration how he and his wife were able to “unlock and uncover a biodiverse design for living that exists far beyond their farm, its seasons, and our wildest imagination.”

4. Diet Fiction (2019)


Diet Fiction is exactly as the name implies, a documentary film that seeks to expose the corruption of the weight loss industry. From the director of Food Choices Michal Siewierski — Diet Fiction takes an in-depth look at our current “diet culture” and explores “issues of food addictions, weight-loss fads, poverty, corporate, wealth, marketing lies, and manipulation,” and seeks to unravel the question “what is making us fat?” The documentary is riddled with experts in plant-based nutrition including “the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard, and “How Not to Die” author Dr. Michael Greger.”

5. Fork Your Diet (2019


Fork Your Diet is that fun, inspiring, and feel good documentary film about plant-based living that you’ve been looking for! Called a groundbreaking “healthumentary” film, Fork Your Diet “brings together top medical experts from across the country unlocking the key to disease prevention in an educational, inspiring and entertaining story.” The film documents real-life examples of the “healing benefits a wellness lifestyle can bring and the key role that diet and nutrition play.”

Classic Documentaries to Check Out

Some of the older documentaries feature some of the most compelling arguments! These documentaries may be a bit dusty, but they are still incredibly relevant and can encourage inspiration and motivation.


1. Vegucated (2011)


Vegucated mixes science with comedy into one educational experience that you won’t forget! This documentary film “follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks.” While the film highlights the health benefits of a vegan diet — think weight loss and improved cholesterol — it also helps to highlight “the hidden sides of animal agriculture” and how these three “test subjects” are able to “change the world one bite at a time.”

2. Unsupersize Me (2013)


Looking for that ultimate plant-based documentary to convince you of the lifestyle? Unsupersize Me is your go-to documentary! This film “documents the story of Juan-Carlos Asse and his quest to prove that a whole foods, plant-based diet coupled with an exercise regimen is capable of remarkably and rapidly improving the health of any and every individual.” Juan-Carlos Asse is the owner of Zen Fitness with over 15 years of training experience many client testimonials to his transformative skills. Asse delivers this experience, passion, and drive into this documentary to help prove the effectiveness of his methods.

3. Plant Pure Nation (2015)


PlantPure Nation “tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time,” the powerful and potent health benefits of a plant-based diet. This groundbreaking film is all about the medicine and science behind a plant-based diet, highlighting experts such as Dr. Campbell — author of The China Study and guest in the wildly popular documentary Forks Over Knives — while also exploring the “topical issues of the small family farmer, food deserts, modern medicine and the challenges of getting plant-based nutrition included in the political process.”

4. In Search of Balance (2016)


Yes, yes, and yes again! We are all in search of some sort of balance at this moment in time and this film offers a unique perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

In Search of Balanceexplores a vision of health, science, and nature that recognizes the importance of the interconnections between us, the food we consume, how we produce that food and the natural world at large including the mysterious, invisible world of the human microbiome.” This film offers the whole picture — from the food we consume to how we consume it to what effect it has on our bodies — basically, the whole package for us plant-based, eco-conscious, health nuts out there! Dr. Daphne Miller takes the watcher on a journey filled with “conversations with scientists, doctors, farmers and personal stories of healing to uncover the myriad ways we are connected to everything around us.”

5. Innocently Violent (2017)


Innocently Violent takes a close look at how climate change is currently and will in the future affect our food supply. From filmmaker Korey Rowe, Innocently Violent “travels from the glaciers of Iceland, to the labs of UCLA and the kitchens of Vancouver to understand what will happen in the years to come if the drastic changes we are witnessing can’t be reversed.” This film doesn’t shy away from the realities to come, so don’t expect any sugar-coating!

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home!

Bright Beet Salad With Quinoa In A Citrus Vinaigrette/One Green Planet

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammationheart healthmental wellbeingfitness goalsnutritional needsallergiesgut health and more! Dairy consumption also has been linked many health problems, including acnehormonal imbalancecancerprostate cancer and has many side effects.

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Here are some great resources to get you started:

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