Looking for ways to avoid chemicals in your home? So many of us are trying to avoid the onslaught of chemicals and additives found everywhere we turn, and, of all places, your home should be a place you feel secure in your chemical-free quest.

Did you know vinegar is a wonderful cleaner alternative, devoid of all the scary chemicals you’ll find (even in most of the “green” cleaners). The best part about vinegar is that it is extremely versatile – it can sanitize, remove odors, remove sticky resins, and clean visible stains. What’s more is that it’s probably even cheaper than any bottle of store-bought cleaner you’ll find in your favorite store these days!

If you’re interested in learning the many ways you can use vinegar to clean and refresh items in your own home, check out this great video by Clean My Space. In it, you’ll get 10 tips on how to clean with vinegar, including some unique ideas you may never have reached to a bottle of vinegar for!

Image Source: Breibeest/Flickr