It doesn’t take long in the DIY scene to learn that vinegar is amongst the most wonderful things in the world. It’s naturally inexpensive for one and inexpensively natural for another (Actually, it’s quite cheap and easy to make vinegar at home). Though we often relegate it to pickles and salad dressings, in reality, vinegar has a wealth of other varied uses, ones that can be instrumental in helping us avoid many of the toxins that have crept into our everyday life.

What’s more, as is the case with many a home DIY project, making things ourselves and reusing containers, specifically glass jars, can help curb our dependence on plastic. The following life hacks using vinegar will quickly help those trying to avoid plastic by replacing all those products that come in plastic bottles with ones that can be made right at home, for much less money, and with much less footprint to feel wrong about.


Have you thought of using vinegar for…

1. Cleaning the House

Vinegar has serious cleaning properties. It can work for eliminating mildew, cleaning computer screens, washing windows, and sterilizing toilet seats. It can also degrease stovetops has been known to remove coffee stains from dishes. For a general cleaner, use a one-to-one mixture of vinegar and water, with a few drops of citrus-scented essential oil for a nice smell, and it works as a multi-purpose cleaning spray. For tougher jobs, use more vinegar, for milder work, less. No need to buy twenty different products, full of toxins and in twenty different plastic bottles, to wipe stuff clean. Vinegar is naturally anti-microbial, making all those surfaces safe, spick and span.

2. Treating Wood

In addition to cleaning wooden surfaces, vinegar can actually help in restoring them. Mixed with a little olive oil, just like a salad dressing, only diluted with a lot of water, it can help to bring a shimmer back to wooden surfaces. Combined with a little iodine, which controls the tint, vinegar can also conceal scratches on wood. It’s much better than using waxes and other chemically contaminated products that damage our lungs and skin in an effort to make our homes look nice. Why not keep ourselves healthy to boot?

3. Shining and Polishing Metal

While we are making things sparkle, we can give the old silverware a once over. Sure, the term is spit-shine, but nobody is really into that. Then again, the thought of putting something that has been rubbed with metal polish into our mouths doesn’t sound any more appealing. The answer, once again, is vinegar. Vinegar gets rid of water stains and dullness, restoring luster to just about any metal surface, not just silverware. Another great and natural option for cleaning metal: fruit.


4. Removing the Impossible

Vinegar, being such a powerful cleaner, is also perfect for removing labels, ink stains, and candle wax. Likely, it will work on many similar things that creep up. Maybe the kids stuck stickers where they don’t belong or the tacky gunk from the label on that jar you want to reuse for an upcycled gift is proving impossible to remove. Try vinegar. It’s much more effective than sprays and soaps, and it doesn’t come with all those chemicals. It’s just vinegar. Food fermented into alcohol left to turn to vinegar. We can eat it. Nobody wants to eat a bar of soap or Formula 409. This cleaning power also helps us reuse containers and such, meaning we don’t need to buy them, lessening our reliance on plastic.

5. Eliminating Odor

Whether it’s wiping the refrigerator clean, sprinkling a dilution on the carpet, and spritzing the clothes in the hamper until we have time to deal with them, vinegar is fantastic helping us combat odor problems. It can even tamper down the scent of smoke. Now, obviously, not everyone is all that keen on the scent of vinegar, but rest assured that it dissipates quickly and/or can be combined with some nice-smelling essential oil that’ll replace that vinegar smell with something absolutely delightful. Plus, chemical air fresheners are horrible, don’t clean, and are loaded with chemicals we ought not be inhaling.

6. Detoxing Our Bodies

Unlike the days of old, the modern world is now filled with dangerous chemicals, pesticides, home cleaners, toxic paints, plastics, and all sorts of new-fangled conveniences that, we are now learning, have been poisoning us. Well, vinegar not only helps us avoid some of these products, but it can actually be used to help us cleanse our systems of all those harmful elements accumulated in them. Organic apple cider vinegar has been used medicinally for years. It can be taken daily, by the spoonful or in a tonic, to keep our internal system in order, detoxifying and alkalizing our bodies, which are constantly challenged by these unavoidable, chemical-laden environments.

For cleaning products, distilled (natural) white vinegar, made from corn or grain will work just fine. For human health, very few things compare with the benefits found in apple cider vinegar. Dish out some extra funds to buy it organic versions with the mother. Vinegar is a must-have in any house!


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