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If you’ve ever turned over your beloved container of foundation, lipstick, blush, or bronzer, you’ve likely read a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. While many brands advertise themselves as being “natural” or even “organic,” the truth is, many of these labels are false in terms of their truly natural ingredient list and seemingly healthy profile. Superficial beauty comes with a price, and that price in this case, is pure chemicals. Chemicals that aren’t just dangerous for us, but also dangerous for animals. Many products in the make-up industry today directly include dead animal parts, or they may be tested on animals while animals are alive such as pouring certain items in their eyes or exposing them to deadly fumes. This isn’t just cruel, but also a little insane when you think about it. If we’re not sure something we’ll be putting on our skin that directly seeps through our pores and enters the bloodstream is safe, why are we even considering it in the first place?

How did that become beautiful?

Make-ups can also contain gluten, soy, and other allergenic ingredients people often believe only come through their diet. Then there’s the reaction to the chemicals in beauty products many people face. Eyes watering, rashes, dry skin, sneezing, oily breakouts — these might all be a reaction to a product you are using and can even lead to swelling, hives, and even headaches if you’re highly chemical-sensitive.

The Easy, Breezy, TRULY Beautiful Answer


Mike Mikune/Flickr

But all make-up doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, you can create your own healthy, chemical-free and yes — really — natural products at home from 100 percent real food. That’s right friends … make-up can actually be made with certain foods without the need for pricey cosmetic products at all. Now, before you think we’ve gone all hippie on you, hear us out. Really, all make-up boils down to are products that are made with dyes and coloring agents. So, if we feel just dandy relying on chemically-produced products for these, what makes food (with actual real colors created by nature) that strange? Many make-up companies, such as 100 Percent Pure, are actually already onto this trend. Known as fruit-based makeups, these products are made of only real fruit and other natural foods — that’s it! Other companies like Simply Divine Botanicals also make natural skin and beauty products that are made only of real foods and essential oils, with nothing else included.

If you’d like to keep things simple, easy, and cheap, try these five foods below, using them in the suggested formats. Read each food item carefully to see how to use it best. There are a few tips that really make these products pretty incredible options for make-up. In fact, you’ll probably have everyone asking you where they can get some!

1. Blackberries



Blackberries may not sound like something you’d put on your face, but their natural, colorful juices are where the magic lies. Blackberry juice contains a beautiful, pinkish, slightly dark berry hue that you can use as a natural lipstick. Either take one fresh blackberry or let a frozen blackberry thaw for five minutes. Then rub a bit of the juice on your lips, and there you go! It will naturally stain your lips and looks much more genuine than those goopy lip products do. It also won’t dry your lips out and as a bonus, adds a nice dose of antioxidants directly to your skin! You’ll still need to keep these in the fridge, but you can reserve a small container to keep for your makeup use, and then put the other berries aside for lots of delicious recipes. 

2. Cherries

cherries1-1200x798 (1)

Like blackberries, cherries also have beautiful hues that make a wonderful lip product. You can use them the exact same ways, either frozen or fresh, just as you would blackberries. Cherries have more of a wine-toned, deeper red color than blackberries, so they can also serve as a lovely blush if you use just a small amount. To make a blush with cherries, use a couple of frozen cherries and let them thaw. Then, dab your index and middle finger of your predominant hand in the juice, and dip just slightly enough to get some color on them. Dab on your cheeks and rub in a circular motion, just enough to add a touch of color. If you get too much, don’t worry; it dabs right off, but will also naturally set in your skin after a few seconds so you won’t have to worry about it rubbing off later.

3. Raspberries



Raspberries offer a pretty pinkish color that you can use as both a lip product like blackberries, a blush like cherries, or even as a pretty eyeshadow color. Apply them just like blackberries and cherries, either frozen or fresh. Smashing them a bit with your finger first before applying will help release some of their natural juice. You can also reuse raspberries a few times (along with blackberries and cherries) if you want to get the most use out of them. Strawberries would work similar to raspberries, so give those a try if you want something a little lighter in color.

4.  Spirulina


Wikipedia Commons

This deep sea algae is a gorgeous (and alarmingly deep) green color, which makes it not just good for your cells, but also a killer beauty product! You can mix a tiny bit of spirulina powder with either water to create a dark green eyeshadow or use it as a natural eyeliner. If you want to dye it black, try mixing it with some blackberry juice and raw coconut oil to harden and darken, but only use just enough to form a paste. Apply with a cotton swab very lightly, right along the eyelids or use a natural eyeliner brush to apply instead. You can also just mix the spirulina powder with water or even a little fruit juice if you want too. This is a great way to use spirulina if you just can’t seem to find a way to enjoy it in the kitchen. Though we have to say, a green smoothie with spirulina will make you feel pretty lovely all on its own!

5. Cacao


Cacao is a wonderful superfood to eat for good skin since it has rich amounts of sulfur, iron, zinc, and magnesium. These all promote healthy blood sugar levels to prevent insulin spikes that can lead to acne, as well as promote strong, supple, and colorful skin due to the way they enhance blood flow to prevent a pale complexion. However, as delicious as cacao may be, you can also use it topically either as a natural eyeshadow or even a light bronzer.

To use cacao as a natural eyeshadow, dab a cotton swab in some water and then in some cacao powder ( you can also use 100 percent cocoa powder too). Dust off any excess on the swab, or roll the wet swab directly onto the powder so it gets a nice, thick texture. Then apply in the creases of your eyelids just like you would eyeshadow. You can also use it as a brown eyeliner if you wish too. For darker eyeliner, use Dutch-processed (alkalized) cocoa powder.

If you want to use cacao as a bronzer, stick with raw cacao powder which is lighter than cocoa powder. To apply as a bronzer, be sure you have a bronzer or blush brush handy. Add a little cacao powder to a small ramekin. Then very lightly dab the brush in the cacao powder and gently sweep across your cheeks. This works better if you used one of the blushes above first, and then apply the cacao powder for a more well-rounded sunny glow look. Just be warned — everyone will be complimenting you on how great you smell thanks to chocolate’s naturally magical aroma!

Final Notes and Tips

If you’re concerned with using these on your skin and having them look strange or rub off, don’t be! They’re actually very natural looking, easy to apply, and so much easier to keep on hand than having to run out everytime your eyeliner breaks, the blush compact breaks crumbling into a million pieces, or that blasted tube of lipstick runs dry just when you need it the most. These five foods are also as natural as you can get when you want to apply color to your face for a little embellishment. For your foundation needs, try to actually go without a heavy cream product if you can, or check out some natural, vegan make-up products as the next best alternative.

Let’s Create a Make-Up Shift, Shall We?

Remember, with all the scary hormonal issues that come with commercial beauty products, there’s never been a better time than now to rethink what sources we’re depending on for our beauty. Just because a celeb looks amazing on television with some fancy new mascara, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for us or the best option. Real, natural food from the earth that’s cruelty-free and gorgeous on its own?

Now that’s what beauty is all about!

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Lead Image Source: Shona Leah/Flickr