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5 Trendy Vegan Fashion Picks That Work for Everyone

Few people will argue that being vegan is currently not very trendy.  The term has been tossed around in relation to everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Bill Clinton and Alicia Silverstone to Dr. Benjamin Spock.  Whether they are truly vegan or not, the bottom line is that not eating animals is seen as super cool.

While it’s all well and good that being vegan is now fashionable, what sometimes seems to be missing in this new awareness is that choosing to make more conscious choices affects more than just what you eat.  Yes, most of us eat at least 3 times a day so food is front and center in the discussion of being vegan and choosing better.  What is often overlooked is that we also get dressed (hopefully!) at least once a day, so the clothes we wear can have a significant impact on people, animals and the planet.

The super cool, trendy thing is great but since the fashion world, in general, is geared towards young, tall, thin women (and vegan fashion is no different), it can make the wardrobe aspect of choosing vegan seem daunting to anyone over the age of 40.  With whisper thin cotton tanks, adorable cotton dresses and slouchy tops leading the trend, many mainstream people dismiss the idea of a vegan wardrobe as impossible if you have a mature body and want to be age appropriate.

Let me dispel that myth right here and now.  Vegan fashion can easily be timeless, beautiful and appropriate for any age, size, shape or coloring, and the whole concept is not as foreign as you would think.  I can pretty much guarantee that you already have “vegan” clothing in your possession – in fact, you’re probably wearing some now.  And, guess what?  You don’t have to shop in special stores or go out of your way to find these clothes.  Every store has them.

How do you create a beautiful, timeless wardrobe and one that is cruelty-free as well?  Let me share 5 top contenders for space in your vegan closet.

Jeans: A great pair of dark wash jeans works well in anyone’s wardrobe.  When they fit well they can look very fashionable as well as being comfortable and timeless, and because they are made of denim no animals were harmed in the making of them.  A few of my favorite brands are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and Jag jeans for women who carry a little more weight in their tummy or Little in the Middle jeans or Levi Bold Curve jeans for women who have smaller waists and fuller hips. Click here for more info

Cardigans. The stores are flooded with cardigans right now.  While they are super functional, if the style is not flattering you can look frumpy in a heartbeat.  I’m sure you’ve experienced it.  If you look in catalogs or on-line you’ll see lots of little cotton dresses paired with long cardigans.  This is fine if you are tall with a slim, straight body.  Otherwise, it just makes you look completely shapeless.  Here’s a great cardigan that follows your curves (or adds the illusion of curves if you don’t have many) and is made of cotton: Click here for more info

A great blazer.  Blazers seem to have gotten a bad rap in the past year or so, but they can be really pretty, stylish and versatile.  Here’s a great linen/rayon blazer with curves (so you won’t look like a box), and it comes in a variety of great colors: Click here for more info

Shoes.  This is where a lot of people become perplexed when it comes to creating a cruelty-free wardrobe.  Let me assure you it’s easier than you think.  The average woman owns 35 pairs of shoes.  If you think about it, if those are all leather, that’s a lot of skinned animals.  Choosing vegan does not relegate your shoe choices to sneakers and crocs.  Far from it.  How about a fun pair of red shoes with a heel (but not so skinny that you teeter over (although there are plenty of high heeled vegan shoes out there, too, for those who prefer something more trendy)). Click here for more info

Dress.  Dresses are so hot right now that you can easily fill your closet with beautiful options for every occasion.  This season maxi dresses are all the rage.  Many are made of cotton or a very comfortable, flattering and easy-care man-made material like this one: Click here for more info

These are just a handful of ideas to add to your wardrobe (or find that you already own them!).  As you can see, creating a fashionable vegan wardrobe can be timeless or trendy or both and can satisfy every budget.  During your next shopping trip, read the tags before you try something on so you can make choices that flatter you and reduce animal suffering.  It’s a win-win.