10 Amazing Green Holiday Gifts for 2012!

Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. This is a little rhyme that is quite helpful in figuring out the perfect gift for someone special.  But what really makes a gift perfect? The need factor, the want factor and or the Eco Factor?  This year I would like to explore and for you to consider a couple eco, green gifts for your loved ones for the Holidays.

1. Eco Traveler Solar Bag: A clear winner on the ‘I want’ list is a good laptop bag. Better yet a green, eco-friendly one that also charges your gadgets using solar power! It is a win, win. The bag utilizes patented light optimizing technology which allows you to conveniently charge your iPhone, iPod, cell phone, GPS, PDA, etc. The built-in flexible solar panel powers internal battery, giving you the ability to easily keep these devices charged all day in the pocket of the Eco Traveler Solar Bag. With this ability comes a peace of mind of knowing that your cell phone will never die when you need it the most


2. Eco-friendly Smartphone: There has been a lot of talk this year about conflict free phones and the reality of the violence involved in acquiring the materials used to produce them.  So this next gadget is on the want list because it is at least moving in the right direction towards being a greener, conscious mobile phone.  Made by none other than Samsung the Replenish Eco-friendly Smartphone is in a class by itself.

More than 80% of it is recyclable and over 30% of it was made from recycled materials.  Love this phone! It even has a full QWERTY keyboard and great top-notch graphics. But the best is yet to come. How many times have our phones run out of juice at the time we needed it the most? That can’t happen with this phone because of its trusty solar powered battery. Yep, it practically charges itself. What’s not to love or want about this?

3. The SolarKindle Lighted Cover: Whenever we come across a new gadget that proceeds to change our world, we realise that technology has led us to recognise a need we did not previously know we actually had.  This next green product is fast becoming one of those needs.   The SolarKindle Lighted Cover not only protects your Kindle but also re-charges it as well. It is the first solar-powered cover for the Amazon Kindle, clearly leading the way for more models to soon follow.  If you know someone with a Kindle, they need this!

4. Bedol Water ClockWe here at One Green Planet are of the opinion that anything that helps us save energy, especially when we use it daily is a need.  This next cool new Bedol Water Clock takes telling the time to a whole new level.  It runs on water and there is one to suit your unique style. No plugs, no batteries, no chemicals and no power needed. Just water, to last you 6 months of being on time. A brilliant, unique gift which pretty much everyone you know needs!


5. K760 Logitech wireless solar powered keyboard with Bluetooth is yet another need simply because it is solar powered.  Designed for use with iPads, iPods and Mac Computers, it is a sure hit this Holiday season. Best of all, it can last in total darkness for 3 months, 8 hours a day on a single charge. Offering comfort and speed it is continuing the trend of being green as it is completely PVC free and is packaged in a recyclable box.

6. The Omega Vert VRT350 JuicerThis next gift is most definitely a need. For everyone. Juicing has well been hailed the new cure for everything! But it takes a special kind of juicer to slowly extract the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables so that they are not destroyed in the process, and so that you don’t miss out on every last ounce of vitamins and minerals.

The Omega Vert VRT350 is a newer, compact and vertical standing juicer on the market. It features a lower speed of extracting juices which helps maintain the natural nutrients and allows the juice to be saved for up to 72 hours afterward. Also, unlike most complicated juicing contraptions, this juicer is easy to dismantle and clean. This benefit is rare and usually the main deterrent in purchasing a juicer.

I would say health conscious or not, this gadget is a must have in an effort to acquire a plant-based diet towards a better, greener future.


7. The Yoga Trapeze: If you know someone who suffers from back pain and or loves yoga and or is athletic and adventurous, this may be the gift for them to well… wear, so to speak.

The Yoga Trapeze is an inversion tool made of straps and belts. It allows you to stretch, hang upside down and reverse pressure and weight on your spine, back muscles and various parts of the body. Ultimately it increases strength and flexibility while releasing stress and tension. It is the perfect, unique gift that would bring much health and wellness benefits to the user and thus to the world. When we improve ourselves we improve the world, more so when we opt for a greener option such as this.


8. Reveal DJ Bamboo Headphones are made without the use of any toxic materials or PVC. Only natural materials used to create outstanding sound quality. Best of all it is the natural bamboo that naturally helps to produce the deep bass sound heard. This is a great eco gadget that would suit anyone’s style regardless of their music preferences.

9. Life, Money and Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay written by Mike Nickerson.  An inspiring book full of ideas towards greener living and a more sustainable future. The author analyses our past to determine, how we got here, and where we want and need to be in the future. It’s a life altering, motivating vision of a future that critiques and celebrates mankind’s accomplishments, and triumphs. Quite frankly it can and will appeal to anyone who gives a damn.

10. You Can Save the Planet written by Jacquie WinesAn extraordinary book inspiring us with 50 ways we can make a difference. I think this is a great gift idea for young or old. It’s never too late to make a difference and this is one of those gifts that would surely keep on giving long after the holidays are over and forgotten. You can save the planet and change the world by gifting this book, this Holiday Season.



Greer D. Hospedales is a Social Media Marketing Communications Consultant. With a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Retail Management and a Masters of Science in Marketing; Consumer Science, she is passionate about green living and a plant-based diet for all in the future.  With strong beliefs in ‘we are the change we seek,’ and that each person can make a big difference, she is passionate about sharing knowledge and information that would lead towards a greener future. Greer also manages several Social Media outlets for clients all geared towards the same green goal.