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Temperatures are heating up out there, which means we all need to pay a bit closer attention to hydration! Therefore, this may be the perfect time to consider getting on board with alkaline water.

What is alkaline water?

It’s basically regular drinking water that has been infused with a higher pH level —  referring to the “number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14.” The lower you go, the more acidic, — such as a pH level of 1 is very acidic — while the higher the number, the more alkaline, — such as a pH level of 13 is very alkaline. To receive the label of alkaline, the water must have a pH of 7 or over.

Why would you want to lower the acidity level in your body?

While the research is somewhat new, studies have found that reducing body acidity — especially via alkaline water — may be able to “neutralize the acid in your body,” which has been linked to a few health benefits including reducing acid reflux, improving bone health, and even lowering high blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids (fat).

Yet, there’s a bit more to alkaline water than simple pH levels.

Most alkaline water that you purchase has also been infused with “alkaline minerals and negative reduction potential (ORP),” which is a scientific descriptor of the “ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant.” Yet, when looking for purchasable alkaline water it’s important to make sure there’s nothing more added to the water such as sugars and flavorings.

If you’re looking to give alkaline water a try, here are a few brands to get you started, as well as some tools so you can make your own at home!

1. Bob’s Red Mill Baking Sodabob's red mill baking soda

Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda/

You may be surprised that baking soda makes the top of the list for alkaline water products, yet baking soda is the easiest and most natural way to make your own! All you have to do is add baking soda to water. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to 4-fluid ounces of water. This will create strong alkaline water. For a milder version, add about one-third of a teaspoon of baking soda to 8-fluid ounces of water. Make sure the water you use is purified for the best results! This Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda is vegan, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, Kosher Pareve, non-GMO and has zero added chemicals. This baking soda has been harvested from natural deposits of sodium bicarbonate. A 16-ounce bag costs $6.99.

Barbara B. Harris says “Bob”s baking soda helped to revive and restore my mom’s vitality. She had been really sick for months and nothing medically seemed to help. After a few days of drinking soda water, she improved tremendously.”

2. D.R.P. Organic Trace Minerals Alkaline Liquid Supplement Electrolyte Drops

.R.P. Organic Trace Minerals Alkaline Liquid Supplement Electrolyte Drops

D.R.P. Organic Trace Minerals Alkaline Liquid Supplement Electrolyte Drops/

Next to baking soda, pH drops are another super-easy way to make alkaline water at home. pH drops are “liquids with highly concentrated minerals and electrolytes,” which will convert your plain old tap water alkaline in an instant. The really cool thing about this method is that you can carry pH drops wherever you go — work, the gym, running errands, to a restaurant — and make any filtered water into alkaline water. Plus, you only need a couple of drops per glass of water, which means it’s cost-effective! These D.R.P. Organic Trace Minerals Alkaline Liquid Supplement Electrolyte Drops have approximately 70 trace minerals, trace elements, and electrolytes. On top of that, you get an additional 20 organic acids that are non-GMO and non-toxic. A 2-fluid ounce bottle costs $34.99.

Morgan says “This product is awesome, and 10 drops a day goes a long way. Fulvic Acid is an up and coming product and this price is unbeatable. Drop provides the body with a lot of energy and pairs perfectly with water and lemon.”

3. ION Alkaline Water Drops

ION Alkaline Water Drops

ION Alkaline Water Drops/

These ION Alkaline Water Drops are excellent for treating large batches of water to make them safe and turn them alkaline! One single bottle of these ION Alkaline Water Drops can treat up to two 55 gallon drums of water. By boosting your water with these alkaline drops, you’ll also be boosting your health and well being by detoxifying, strengthening, and cleansing toxins from the body. A 2-fluid ounce bottle costs $19.99.

Ronny Rodriguez says “Awesome product! I have Tried other Alkaline mineral water drops but this one is by far one of the best ones I have tried. The taste is a bit salty but It’s not as bad as others in Amazon. I have tested PH levels in my water and I saw an Increase in PH levels. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a way to enhance their water with alkaline.”

4. Essentia Water Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water

Essentia Water Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water

While we all want to avoid plastic water bottles, if you’re simply trying out alkaline water this Essentia Water Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water is a great way to go. Just remember to recycle those plastic water bottles! Essentia Water optimizes their alkaline water with electrolytes for better rehydration. Plus, they use an innovative, unique ionization process that sets it apart from the rest. A 12-pack of 33.8-fluid ounce bottles costs $17.98.

A Loyal Amazonian says “I started drinking alkaline water about a month ago. It really helps with acidic stomach and heartburn. While undergoing treatment for cancer my doctor suggested I try it and I am a convert. Be careful not to use alkaline water to take vitamins or medications though as it may interfere with metabolizing the pills.”

5. Pure Organic Ingredients Unpretentious Baker Baking Soda

Pure Organic Ingredients Unpretentious Baker Baking Soda

Pure Organic Ingredients Unpretentious Baker Baking Soda/

If you’re looking for a pure and clean baking soda, this Pure Organic Ingredients Unpretentious Baker Baking Soda may be the option for you! This baking soda is free of aluminum, additives, and preservatives. It’s 100 percent pure sodium bicarbonate meaning it’s high quality and pure! Great for all sorts of uses besides making alkaline water such as cooking, baking, cleaning, and deodorizing. A 1.5-pound bag costs $13.48.

Anonymous says “I used it to make my almond bread gluten-free and also to make my toothpaste, is clean of chemical and I feel healthy using it, now I’m planning to use it to do my deodorant gluten-free.”

6. AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops

AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops

AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops/

These AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops offer a potent pH formula to turn your water into alkaline water wherever you go! AlkaVision promises to help with weight loss, boost energy levels, and help with alkalizing your body. A 2-ounce bottle costs $29.95.

Stacey says “I love these drops! I started out with a smaller dosage than recommended and it did give me heartburn the first week. Been using for about 3 weeks now, taking recommended dosage, and love it. No more gas & painful bloating, my stomach has even shrunk a little. I put it in everything I drink; coffee, tea, water, pop, beer. Feel more energized too.”

7. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher/

If you’re looking for a cheaper option than an ionizer, yet still want larger quantities of alkaline water than a water bottle, then buying an alkaline water pitcher is a great compromise. This Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher enhances the pH of your water up to 9.5, exceeding the pH of 7 for alkaline water. This filter promises to increase hydration by flushing harmful toxins from your body quickly. On top of that, this mineralized water also increases energy levels, slows the aging process, restores younger skin, and improves overall health. A 64-ounce pitcher costs $59.95.

Milan says “Well designed, the pH went from pH 7 to pH 8.5, there is no aftertaste. Filters are high quality but you have to wash both filters as the manual booklet is suggesting, in addition, I did washout first two pitchers just to make sure the water is clean from any filtering material. I am very happy with this product and already recommended Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher to my friends.”

8. Invigorated Water pH HYDRATE Alkaline Water in Glass Water Bottle

Invigorated Water pH HYDRATE Alkaline Water in Glass Water Bottle

Invigorated Water pH HYDRATE Alkaline Water in Glass Water Bottle/

If you’d rather not go the plastic bottle route, but you still don’t want to fully invest in an ionizer, then opt for an environmentally-friendly glass bottle with an alkaline water creation component. This Invigorated Water pH HYDRATE Alkaline Water in Glass Water Bottle is in the mid-range price-wise — one of these awesome alkaline water creators and filters costs $38.97 — yet it delivers pH alkaline water anywhere, anytime. It includes a multi-stage pH, on-the-go alkaline water filter, which also adds minerals such as “zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron,” while “eliminating heavy metals and reducing fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine.”

Songpeddlar says “This is an AMAZING product, with the following exceptions. It’s not well protected by the silicone encasement! I dropped it less than a foot and it shattered. However, I love it so much I re-ordered it and purchased both sizes this time. It really is the BEST. I love essentia brand water, but it’s too pricey. This is as close as I’ve come to the taste. 1 would give it 1000 stars. Word to the wise … be careful with it and it’s a KEPPER in every way.”

9. GoFiltr Alkaline Water Bottle Hydration Kit

GoFiltr Alkaline Water Bottle Hydration Kit

GoFiltr Alkaline Water Bottle Hydration Kit/

Looking for something a bit higher quality? This GoFiltr Alkaline Water Bottle Hydration Kit is definitely pricier — a single bottle and hydration kit cost $54.97 — yet you’ll get your money’s worth for the long haul! Not only does this water bottle create on-demand alkaline water, but it’s stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle keeps liquids chilled for up to 24-hours. The kit comes with two GoFiltr alkaline infusers providing a 9.5 pH level — these should last you up to 6 months — as well as a free download of the GoFiltr mobile app to help you track your alkaline water usage and get refills.

Barbara Jeanne Eicher says “I love this water bottle. The filtered alkaline water tastes so pure. I was always told that Hawaii water is very pure however this water bottle w/ filter produces water that has a superior taste to local water. Also it leaves a fresh after taste in my mouth. I love drinking a lot of water with it and my water intake has tripled using this bottle. The bottle itself is stainless steel and keeps the water cold for hours. The package includes two free filters, one of which is in the sent bottle. The second filter can be used in any bottle so I have placed it in my hydro flask 32 oz bottle, providing me with a onto yours flow of pure water. I alternate between the two and always keep the other one stored in the refrigerator. This provides me with a continuous flow of fresh alkaline water. Alkaline water is considered to have numerous health benefits, including benefitting digestive system healing. I am very happy with my purchase and will continue to purchase the replacement filters.”

10. Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher/

This Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher

A 118-ounce pitcher costs $44.97.

  • HUGE FILTER CAPACITY – MUCH LONGER THAN OUR COMPETITION = 1500 cups/360 litres/96 gallons per PH001 filter. Saving 720 bottles of filtered water, and $1080, at an average cost of $1.50 per bottle.
  • INCLUDES OUR MULTI-STAGE PH001 FILTER – Increases pH up to pH10, increases -ORP, and ionizes drinking water. Remineralization adds minerals such as selenium & calcium. Filters fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine. Filters heavy metals in tap water providing a great taste. Removes odor and color.
  • MODERN DESIGN – Easy-to-Fill Lid & Digital Gauge so you know when to change your filter. PREMIUM MATERIALS – BPA free, SGS Certified, TUV, RoHS, BSI, ISO 9001:2000 Member of The Water Quality Association.
  • NEW ENHANCED FILTER DESIGN – ADD OUR ‘secret weapon’ PH002 ULTRAFILTRATION (UF) MEMBRANE FILTER (sold separately, search B07PZCLDRL) to your PH001 filter, & take your water filtration to the next level.
  • Our PH001 & PH002 filters are also compatible with our pH REFRESH & pH RECHARGE models BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – WE OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Joseph Pregenzer says “I came from using a Brita pitcher and after realizing it only takes care of flavor I wanted something that filters more. I’m glad I did because city next to me now has a lead problem and this takes care of lead. I looked at purr and Zero water and I saw that zero water filter filters don’t last very long. This filter lasts longer, water tastes delicious. It takes a bit longer to prep the filter than Brita but it’s no problem. The cover is a little strange. Basically where you pour water in, the filter drops down. I thought I installed it wrong but it appears that’s how it’s intended. I do like the rubber grip on the bottom. I highly recommend this.”

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