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Board games can be a fun and effective way to help children develop valuable social skills like kindness and empathy. By playing games that focus on these traits, children can learn to work together, communicate effectively, and develop their emotional intelligence. They are an invaluable tool! In this article, we’ll explore 10 board games that teach kindness and empathy and explain why they’re a great addition to any family’s collection.

1. Kindness Bingo

This is a wonderful game that encourages players to perform acts of kindness while learning empathy and teamwork skills. This is not developed by one company in particular, but there are many ideas on Pinterest and other platforms to help you create your own Kindness Bingo sheet or print our pre-made ones for your children to enjoy! The 5 by 5 sheets are filled with kind, compassionate activities for kids to check off. Once they get 5 in a row, it is time for a prize!

2. Friends & Neighbors

A cooperative game where players help each other solve problems and learn critical empathy skills at the same time. Throughout the game, players will have the opportunity to gain tokens for helping people out. Together, you can read about feelings and teach your kids how to recognize them in others. 

3. Hoot Owl Hoot!

This is a cooperative game by the same creators as Friends & Neighbors. In this, players work together to move all the owls to their nests before the sun rises, teaching teamwork and empathy. As a cooperative game, it promotes emotional development and allows kids to practice shared decision-making. 

4. Social Skills Board Games

This four-pack of board games helps develop social skills in children. It uses different games to keep children entertained while they learn!

5. The Memory Palace

Memory Palace promotes empathy by teaching valuable lessons about the effects of our actions on others. During the game, players work cooperatively to memorize and recall the board. With correct answers, your team gains tokens. But, if one person gets the answer wrong then everyone goes back to the beginning of the board. 

6. Caring Cats

This family-centered game is perfect for teaching kids about all of the different ways you can be caring and empathetic toward others and animals. Players open life situation cards, then try to figure out how they can be

7. Stone Soup

This award-winning game encourages sharing, listening, and empathy while teaching players how to work together to create a delicious meal. Players work together to “cook” soup using matching ingredients. This game aims to inspire cooperation!

8. Feelinks

This “game of emotions” helps kids get in the shoes of others by thinking about emotions. During play, you pick a situation card, choose the emotion you feel based on the card, and bet on how your teammate feels. Teams win by reaching the furthest point on the emotion track!

9. Mad Smartz

This is an interpersonal skills card game for anger management, emotion management, empathy, and social skills. It is a great learning resource for kids of all ages.

10. Feelings and Dealings

This award-winning game teaches empathy and emotional intelligence through play. It helps children identify emotions through facial expressions, body language, and social contexts. 

Board games can be an engaging, fun way to teach children important social skills like kindness and empathy. By playing games that focus on these traits, children can learn valuable lifelong skills while having fun with friends and family. The ten games highlighted in this article are just a few examples of the many board games available that can help children develop their emotional intelligence so they can treat the world with kindness!

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