It might seem counterintuitive to look at a burger or a glass of milk and think “water.” For most people, this is not a thought that ever crosses their mind, but maybe it should…

When you take into account how much water is needed in the meat and dairy industries to grow the feed for animals, hydrate them, and keep both factory farms and slaughter facilities clean, we’re looking at two incredibly thirsty operations. A new study from NASA just revealed that the earth is running out of fresh groundwater supplies because we are currently consuming these resources at an unsustainable rate. In the throws of their four-year-long drought, California has relied on groundwater for everything from household water use to agriculture – including animal agriculture. As the nation’s largest dairy producer and a prominent player in the meat industry, California is draining precious, finite water supplies all for the sake of our cheese and burgers.

You can save 50,033 gallons of water a year by leaving dairy off the menu.


Which would you prefer? …We recommend you go for the showers. 


If you swapped meat for a plant-based option, you’re total water savings would be 162,486 gallons … a year! That’s just plain economical.


So, are you ready to cut your water footprint and join the #EatForThePlanet movement? Check out these amazing dairy and meat – free recipes to get started. Saving water with your diet will not only make you feel great – it tastes delicious!