It can be easy to fall into a pattern in our lives and not pay attention to all the small natural wonders that surround us. Most of us spend our days in offices or school buildings and only get to witness nature through windows or on short walks to and from our appointments. It’s really no surprise that many people take the natural world for granted, but tragically, given the damage that has resulted from this apathetic mindset, rainforests, ice caps, and other amazing wild places are disappearing right before our eyes.

There are many small things that we can all do to minimize our impact on the world around us. Some of these things are as simple as recognizing the environmental impact of your diet and opting to choose more plant-based foods, but you won’t be motivated to stop and make a change for the betterment of the world unless you take the time to appreciate its wonders first.


If you’re in need of a little reminder of why the natural world is worth protecting, look no further than these breathtaking photos from Joseph Michael.

For his series titled “Luminosity,” Michael photographed the amazing natural phenomenon of New Zealand’s glowing caves.


While it looks like some sort of creative photoshopping, the blue-green glow is actually caused by glow worms.


These gorgeous caves have existed for over 30 million years and the worms perfectly light up all their mysterious crevices.


Mother Nature, you’ve certainly outdone yourself.


Fusing the sublime beauty of nature with the technology of long-exposure photography, Michael creates an experience for his viewers unlike any other.


Okay really, can you say magical?!


It’s incredible to think that there are so many other natural wonders in the world just waiting to be discovered. 


But it is up to us to stand up for these untamed places or we stand to lose them before we even know they exist. 



For more amazing photography from Joseph Michael, check out his website and Facebook.