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Freelance Writer: Buzzworthy Content and Daily News

One Green Planet is a fast-growing media start up focused on compassionate and eco-conscious living.

Is This You?

Love cats, dogs and sloths? Duh. But are you also a Green Monster interested in making a difference for animals and the planet? Do you spend all day on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr? If we sent you a photo of Beyoncé on an elephant would you know what to do with it? Awesome. We’re looking for buzz-obsessed and self-motivated writers interested in everything from cute photos and videos to thought-provoking topics, and all things in between.

You should be creative, efficient and deliver clean written posts on a tight deadline. In addition, you should be tuned into not only animal and environmental news, but also pop and web culture, and recognize how to bring the two together.

About the Role

As a Buzzworthy Freelance Writer, you will primarily write for One Green Planet’s Buzz Monster Channel creating fun and incredibly impactful content geared towards inspiring other Green Monsters to take action for animals and the environment. Buzzworthy Freelance Writers typically write between 2 and 5 buzz posts per day.

Plus, did we mention you’ll be getting PAID to watch cute cat videos?


  • Send an email to team AT with a cover letter, writing samples (if any), your social media accounts, your resume and 5 article ideas for the Buzz Channel that you think would work great on OGP.