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Spice Spice Baby, Kanchan Koya PhD


Get smart about spices with Kanchan Koya, a Harvard-trained molecular biologist, wellness-obsessed mama, and creator of Spice Spice Baby, a platform dedicated to bringing to light the healing power of ancient spices. Through this first-of-its kind cookbook, you will learn about science-backed health benefits of 15 spices and be inspired to use them in 100 simple, unexpected, and delicious recipes your whole family will love. Recipes include baby purees, smoothies, breakfast, lunchbox ideas, mains, desserts, snacks, sides, spiced remedies, spice blends, and condiments. Here, ancient spices are your best medicine and there's no better place to enjoy them than around the family table. To remember how fortunate we all are and to give back to those for whom daily nourishment is a struggle, a portion of the profits will go to SNEHA, an Indian NGO dedicated to eradicating malnutrition among India's poorest communities.