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Living Ayurveda


This book is your companion to living a vibrantly rich and well-nourished life. Guiding you through an arc of a year, you’ll learn you how to stay in harmony with the different cycles of the day, the moon, and the seasons. Within each seasonal chapter, you’ll explore different yoga practices, rituals, and recipes that support the dominant dosha of the season. Spring focuses on balancing kapha, Summer focuses on soothing pitta, and the Fall and Winter sections explore ways to nourish vata. Conscious cooking is one of the quickest ways to balance the doshas and connect with nature. The simple, everyday recipes in this book highlight seasonal ingredients and tastes to nourish the doshas and support your digestion. This isn’t your standard vegetarian cookbook. Each season’s recipes use specific ingredients that highlight the six tastes and bring balance to the related dosha focus of the season. Claire's hope is you get playful in the kitchen, connect with the sensual experience of cooking and eating, and have fun with it!