Traveling with pets can be tough. Some pets are too big to comfortably fit in a small carrier and some pets just aren’t so comfortable with car rides. They may get nervous, whine, or even bark a little. Or maybe your pet loves car rides, but you don’t dare request a taxi for fear the driver will turn you away or be upset that you’re bringing a pet in their car.

Well, Uber is out to change that. They know we love our pets and they should be able to come along for the ride… literally!


Uber is launching Uber Pet, a new feature in which customers can inform drivers beforehand that a pet will be in the car. Uber drivers can choose to opt out of Uber Pet rides, so if they have allergies or other reasons they’d prefer not to have pets in their car, they aren’t obligated to do so. Customers pay a surcharge of about $3-5 for this feature, and Uber says a significant portion of that surcharge will go to the driver on top of their standard earnings.

According to People, “All household pets are accepted on rides, including turtles and hamsters, as well as caged birds and fish in bowls or bags,” and “riders can can bring more than one animal at the driver’s discretion.”

Uber et will be available in Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay starting October 16th.

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