While out doing errands and picking up cat food, this rescuer found came across a cat who didn’t seem to be doing well on the street. The cat wasn’t grooming himself, had scratches on his face, and seemed exhausted. However, despite all this, the cat was super sweet and trusting. Thus, the rescuer headed home to get trap and came back for the friendly little guy.

Sadly, the cat, whom they decided to name Winston, had likely been abandoned at some point. Just in case they asked around to make sure he was no one’s cat and after confirming, they brought Winston home. Winston received a bunch of TLC and after a few weeks, he was a whole new cat! He had energy, an appetite, and was even ready to play. Feeling much better, Winston was ready to find a forever home! Now he’s living with his forever family and is happy as can be. You can keep up with him on his Instagram @winston_thestreetcat!


To help Flatbush Cats rescue more cats like Winston, donate here!

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