The Hope For Paws team is at it again with another incredible rescue that saved an animal’s life. After receiving a call about a cat with a severe leg injury, one of the rescuers, Katie McKittrick, headed right over. She named the cat Posey and brought her to CARES, an animal rehab center, so Posey could get the care that she needed. The veterinarians soon realized that Posey’s leg had gotten caught in a chain-link fence and they would need to amputate the rest of her leg.

Despite all of the struggles she went through, Posey was the sweetest cat. Fortunately, after Posey recovered from her surgery, Cat Connection helped her find a perfect forever home! Even better, Posey also bonded with her new cat sibling so well! The two are adorable little snugglers and love to groom each other.

To help more animals like Posey, you can donate to Hope For Paws and Cat Connection!

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