Life for a stray cat can be extremely dangerous. It’s so dangerous, in fact, that stray cats typically live less than two years (if they survive kittenhood) of their potentially 20+ year lifespan. The longevity of a domesticated cat who is abruptly abandoned and forced to live on the streets is far worse because they usually don’t know how to feed themselves and do not have necessary survival skills.

This video shows a man who found a mother cat and her kittens who were deserted in the wild by a guardian who was thoughtless at best and downright cruel at worst. According to the video, the cats were so terrified of their new surrounding that they hadn’t moved in days. Upon inspection, the man found that a few of them had festering infections that needed immediate treatment.


Luckily, all of the cats happily went with their rescuer, as if they knew they were finally being given the chance to return to a life indoors they had grown to love.

Remember, if you are ever in a situation where you can no longer care for an animal, please surrender them to a no-kill animal shelter. No animal should have to face abandonment and certain death like these cats did.

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