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Source: Saving K9 Lives

Can you imagine coming from a life of abuse to one of being unconditionally loved? For those who can, you know it is no doubt worth dancing about, and it’s no different for rescued animals. This adorable little Poodle named Taylor is just realizing that he no longer has to be scared anymore. After being abused to the point of going blind, he is now in a foster home where he will be treated with kindness, care, and love.

Taylor’s journey to his new foster home started at the South Los Angeles Shelter. Thankfully, the fabulous team at Saving K9 Lives pulled him out so that he could have a second chance at happiness – and happy he is, look at all that fancy footwork! Go, Taylor! He certainly has settled down into his foster home nicely and his Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs has a lot to do with it. It’s giving him the confidence he needs to move around without fear of bumping into everything. Keep on dancing like nobody’s watching, Taylor!

To learn more about Saving K9 Lives, click here.

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