Annie, previously named Ginger, was born blind and with dwarfism. At around one year old, Annie is only the size of a three-month-old calf. Veterinarians didn’t expect her to live past one year old, but she’s still going strong.

Because of her disabilities, Annie was surrendered to Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary. After some time in quarantine, it was finally time for this young cow to meet her new family! Even though she was unable to see her new surroundings and friends, Annie had a wonderful time. She immediately became friends with her new cow sisters, Maisie and Jenna. They even taught her how to play with the cow toys! At the end of the day, they shared a nice big family meal together.


Annie is a confident cow who beat all odds. We’re so happy that she has the chance to live out her life in the comfort and safety of the sanctuary. To help Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary support animals like Annie, donate here!

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