What started off as a seemingly normal rescue took a weird turn for the Hope for Paws team. Eldad and Loreta headed out to save a dog after a neighbor called informing them the dog’s family moved away, abandoning her on the streets. When the rescuers arrived, they were able to easily befriend the dog with treats and place the lucky leash around her neck. She was sweet as can be, hence the name Cinnamon!

As Loreta got Cinnamon into the car, however, they were approached by a woman claiming to be the dog’s original guardian. She went on to say that she gave Cinnamon to a neighbor after realizing the dog wasn’t a good fit for her family. She was upset to hear that the people who she had trusted with the dog had left her behind, but Eldad and Loreta assured her that she was in good hands. We may never know what the real story is here, but thank goodness Cinnamon is now safe.


Back at Hope for Paws, Loreta gave Cinnamon a nice, warm bath, and after a check-up at the vet, she went on to Bark N’ Bitches where to wait for her “real” forever home.

This sweet girl is cinnamon, spice, and everything nice! If you’re interested in offering her a permanent home, click here. To donate to Hope for Paws, click here.

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