The exploitation of animals in the tourism industry is actually quite common. Elephants endure a terrible process called “phajaan,” the breaking of their spirits to be forced into submission. Along with other animals like orangutans, they’re also forced to perform unnatural tricks for tourists. Big cats and other wild animals are often kept in captivity so that tourists can pay for photos with them. And outdated things like horse carriages still exist despite how much suffering they cause the animals.

Recently, PETA Asia released a video of their investigation into the treatment of horses and camels in the tourism industry in Egypt, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, Saqqara, and Luxor, and what they found was absolutely horrifying.


Warning: the video below displays graphic material and may be distressing to most viewers.

As can be seen in the video, the horses are whipped and forced to give rides to tourists even when exhausted, emaciated, and bloodied. One horse collapses while giving a ride and instead of being tended to, she is whipped and beaten until she gets back up. Bloodied and injured, she is forced to continue working. The horses and camels are both forced to give rides in the dust and sweltering heat without food, water, or access to shade.

Camels are whipped all over their bodies (including their testicles) and are left with bloody faces. The camels scream as they are beaten and one in the video can even be seen foaming at the mouth. To make matters worse, the animals never experience peace or compassion at any point in their lives—when they’re no longer “useful,” they are sent to slaughter.

Elisa Allen, PETA director says, “It’s disgraceful that exhausted, emaciated animals in Egypt are beaten and whipped into giving endless rides in the heat, even as their legs buckle and they collapse. PETA is calling on the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism to replace these abused animals with modern vehicles such as electric rickshaws so that tourists can appreciate the country’s rich history without supporting cruelty to animals.”


Exploiting animals for profit is wrong either way, but such treatment is as cruel and inhumane as it gets. Please do not support this cruelty by riding animals as a tourist, and speak with friends and family who enjoy traveling so that they are aware of what they’d be contributing to if they ride “working animals” on their trip.

To speak up for these animals, sign this petition asking the Egyptian government to put an end to the abuse of animals in the tourism industry.

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