In uneasy times, love always has the power to shine through.

On Tuesday, a Palestinian man in the blockaded Gaza Strip found his African grey parrot, Koki, in dire straits. Koki accidentally drank from a bottle of bleach and local vets didn’t have the resources to save the animal, and suggested the injured bird be put down.


But Abdullah Sharaf, Koki’s owner, refused to give up on his friend. He petitioned for help via Facebook to an Israeli animal rights group, who had the knowledge and equipment to handle the crippling injury. The Israeli animal group sent a mobile surgery clinic to meet Sharaf and Koki on the frontier between Israel and Gaza and perform life-saving treatment on the bird.

Since 2007, a blockade has been stationed in Gaza from both the Israeli and Egyptian fronts, meaning a trip between them always comes with risk. But this time, at least, the risk was well worth the reward. Koki was treated successfully, and is now back home in recovering.

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