Did you know that birds who ruin the feathers on their wings can get a feather transplant? Us, neither! Check out this amazing rescue and recovery of a little owl who burnt his feathers and needed a transplant.

Maru the owl was brought by WRAS, a wildlife rescue, to Wildlife Aid after he fell into a chimney. The embers from a log fire were left at the bottom, which caused severe damage to Maru’s feathers. Fortunately, even though the feathers were burnt, his skin wasn’t, which made recovery a lot easier.


Veterinarians spent two days doing a feather transplant using feathers from another donor. After multiple procedures to change around 50 of his feathers, the job was done and Maru’s wings were as good as new! He stayed in an aviary for a few days to make sure he was good to fly and then it was time for the release. WRAS came to pick Maru up and released him back into the wild!

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