Dog breeding is an inhumane and heartbreaking business. Not only do dogs suffer birth defects and painful alterations, like ear cropping and tail docking, but they also are kept in terrible conditions. Dogs are kept in wire cages that are caked with their own feces 24/7. Some are left out in the elements and others are kept in basements where they never get fresh air or see the light of day. This and inbreeding, a common practice for puppy mills, cause a slew of health issues. However, dogs are usually denied medical care too.

One of the many dogs that suffered at the hands of this terrible industry is named Brave. Hope for Paws received a call from someone who had found the poor pup in terrible condition. The caller blocked off the area so that she’d still be there when the Hope for Paws team arrived. When rescuers found Brave, she was shaking and had a terrified look in her eyes.

Rescuers could tell that Brave had been used for dog breeding. Mother dogs in the dog breeding industry are overbred despite the stress it causes them. Eventually, these dogs are abandoned or killed when they are no longer profitable, which is probably what happened to Brave.

Hope for Paws gave Brave a bath and started to help her heal. After many months, she started coming out of her shell and started to overcome her fear of humans. She was eventually adopted by her foster and now gets to live the life that she always deserved: one that is full of love and joy.

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