A man was driving when he saw what looked like garbage near one of his wells. As he approached, he heard the sound of crying kittens. They were frozen in the ice and must have been there all night. He just knew he had to help them. Fortunately for the kittens, Kendall Diwisch is quick-thinking and used what was at his disposal to rescue them — his coffee!

As Fox News cleverly described the kittens, they were “Pawpsicles,” frozen into the ice. Diwisch can be heard saying “this is cruel” in his original video as it’s clear they were abandoned.

One of them was able to get his little paw out of the ice pretty easily, but the other two’s tails were completely frozen. Diwisch poured his lukewarm coffee over their tails and soon enough, the ice around their tails melted and they were free!

Diwisch took them home where he fed them, gave them water, and dewormed them. He very quickly received plenty of adoption offers. But there was one family with two small daughters who recently lost their cats and were willing to take all three. Diwisch didn’t want to separate them, so they are living happily ever after with their new family thanks to his amazing rescue!

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