Choosing to adopt an pet from a shelter or rescue organization is a beautiful thing. Although we might not realize it, there is an epidemic of pet homelessness in the United States and our shelter system is struggling to house, feed and provide care for the six to eight million animals that enter their doors every year. As the result, thousands of healthy, adoptable animals are euthanized every day in shelters across the country.

By opting to adopt a pet rather than purchasing one from a pet store, you have done the incredible deed of giving an animal not only the second chance at life – but the chance of a life filled with love and happiness. There is so much excitement surrounding the adoption of a new furry baby. We all remember that giddy feeling you get the first time you cuddle on the couch with your new friend, or the first time you get to take them for a walk around the block. Pretty much the first time these happy, little bundles of joy do anything gives us reason to have a minor freak-out.

But, hey – we’re not the only excited ones here; just think of how pumped your new best friend is to be … well, your new best friend! Living in a crowded shelter with many other dogs and cats can be overwhelming and even scary at times, making the joy of experiencing the wonders of a forever home all the more amazing. Nothing makes us feel more fuzzy inside then witnessing these happy moments, so sit back – grab your furry best friend – and watch these magical moments of adopted animals experience a loving home for the first time.

1. Their First Toy

2. Their First Treat

3. The First Time They are Smothered With Kisses by Their Siblings

4. The First Time They Experience a Warm Bed

5. Their First Halloween Pumpkin

6. The First Belly Rub Bliss

7. The First Snooze in Their Human’s Bed

8. The First Time They Set Foot on Grass

9. Their First Time They Romp in the Snow

10. The First Time They Realize Life has Changed Forever!



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