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Humane Society International (HSI) released terrifying footage of foxes and raccoons suffering at a fur farm in Asia, according to an emailed statement. The video shows the animals enduring painful treatment and eventual death on the farm. One campaigner described it as “like a scene from hell.”

HSI filmed at eleven randomly selected farms in Asia where fur is exported to the United Kingdom. While the UK has banned fur farming in the country, it’s still legal to import fur into the United Kingdom. HSI estimates that the UK imports an estimated 2.5 to 3 million animals worth of fur, for an equivalent of £70.4 million in 2018.

In an emailed statement, Claire Bass, executive director of HSI/UK said, “Behind the PR spin of the fur trade, this is the hideous, heartless reality they don’t want you to see. Raccoon dogs driven mad with boredom in their pitifully small wire cages, foxes repeatedly smashed over the head with a metal bar in front of their terrified cage mates, animals skinned alive so that the fur trade can sell consumers the lie of luxury. I am sickened and heartbroken by what our investigators witnessed on these cruel fur farms, but not surprised. Every designer putting fur on the catwalk, every retailer putting fur on its shop shelves, and every consumer putting fur in their wardrobe, is helping to pay for this shameful misery. It needs to stop, and the UK is now in a unique position to take action by banning fur sales. This – and every – investigation into the fur trade shows that fur is not glamorous, it’s grotesque, it’s cruelty not couture, and it’s time for the UK to stop trading in such horrors.”

See photos and videos provided by HSI, below:


Raccoon dogs on fur farm in a country in Asia that supplies fur to UK and USA

Raccoon dogs on a fur farm in a country in Asia that supplies fur to UK and USA

HSI is calling for a ban on imports of fur and a fur sales ban in the United Kingdom. Sign this petition for a fur-free Britain!

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