One lost wallaby has been found thanks to a lucky encounter with a woman in her way to work.

Casey Tiernan of Dallas, Texas was getting ready for her day when she spotted a member of the marsupial family hopping outside in her driveway. She snapped a picture of the lost-looking little fellow, and quickly posted it to Facebook.


She said in her caption: “Posts I never thought I’d write: If you are missing your kangaroo or wallaby, it’s chilling in my driveway. 5900 block of Vickery. Seems pretty tame and wants in the house. We’re trying to coax it into the back yard so it can have a safer place. #lakewoodlife”

According to the local news report, animal control managed to wrangle the wallaby, but “not without some drama” according to Tiernan, as she, her husband, neighbors, animal rescuers and and even some of the news reporters helped to corral the animal their backyard. The creature was then “gently captured in a large net.”

Tiernan posted later on that the wallaby was safe and sound in the hands of an animal rescue worker who cradled the creature in his arms and gently scratched its neck. According to Tiernan, the animal was “calm and obviously tame and clearly enjoyed being scratched,”

“I’m just glad it’s safe.” She wrote later.


It’s not technically against the law to own a wallaby in the State of Texas, said Dallas Animal Services Manager Whitney Hanson. The Wallaby encounter on Wednesday wasn’t even the first time Animal service was called to wrangle the breed either.

“It’s unusual but it’s not unheard of.  We don’t see it every day. But we have see them in the past,” said Hanson.

According to the Animal Service, the wallaby has got it’s own private room so that “it wouldn’t stress out the dogs. If no owner comes forward to claim the marsupial, the service will attempt to place the animal in a sanctuary or with a rescue organization. We’re just glad the animal is safe, and that when kind people like Casey Tiernan encounter an animal on the loose, they keep the animal’s well being in mind.

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