The connection between children and dogs is absolutely touching and a wonderful reminder that we should be compassionate to animals. Watching a rescued pit bull do cartwheels with his human sister and a sweet girl tucking her dog into bed are all wonderful examples of gentleness and kindness. One child recently decided to write the most heartwarming letter we’ve ever read after they saw a little bit of themselves in a rescue dog.


When sharing the amazing letter Fostering Compassion said: “Not only had this child been removed from their birth parents and put into the care of their grandmother, they then had to endure the loss of their grandmother and move in with their aunt. It had clearly been quite an ordeal for the child and the first time they had been able to verbalise their feelings was through this letter to a little dog. After hearing the rescued animals’ stories, the child was able to understand how a rescued animal might feel and showed great empathy and understanding in this letter.”

The letter is a great example of why it’s important to adopt, not shop. The child has been through the foster system and changed homes, so they understands that the dog may be scared and that the new experience will be overwhelming. The child is a perfect example of empathy. Like children, dogs deserve loving homes. We understand that the situations are not the same, but similar to being in a foster home, being in a shelter is scary for pets.

The child related to the dog’s story and situation — an awesome reminder that we are a lot more like animals than we might sometimes think. They feel fear like we do and want love just like we do. This child’s sweet letter puts it into words beautifully.

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