Elephants are adorably quirky and extremely smart. They can use tools, imitate and understand human speech (to an extent), and have even been shown to practice complex principles like altruism and generosity. Baby elephants are even more gifted than their older kin in the quirkiness department – they are insatiably playful and have unlimited energy!

If there’s any animal that can match them in the playfulness department, it’s dogs. Put the two together and you have the makings of a fantastic friendship.


The video shows Yindee the rescued elephant’s first time meeting a dog. You’d expect her to be a little afraid, but she jumps up and starts playing with the dog right away. The video is only a few minutes long, but I’d bet that the two were inseparable for the rest of the day.

Yindee is one of the residents of Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for orphaned or formerly abused elephants that allows their animals access to wide open spaces and plenty of sunshine.

Enjoy your play time, friends!