Oh, babies. Whether they’re human or animal, eventually, running errands is going to get boring, and a meltdown will happen. It’s only a matter of time.

After walking so far (presumably so his herd can find water), this baby elephant just doesn’t want to walk anymore! Can’t you just see him screaming, “No!” at his mother as she tries to get him to get up and keep walking? If this baby were a human child, screaming, foot stamps and an excessive amount of crying would surely accompany his adorable little flops into the dirt. We get it little guy, no more walking for you!

Human babies and babies in the animal kingdom are so similar. For those who doubt this fact, they need only to watch this video (and others like it, here, here and here) to know that no matter what the species, a baby is a baby, and sometimes, it’s just time for a nap. What this baby really needs at the moment, though, is maybe just a little break in the long walk they’re taking to the watering hole.

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