Rambo, a 13-year-old Havanese dog, got to celebrate his 13th birthday with “bark mitzvah” celebration!

His parents went all out to throw the pooch a fantastic celebration that looks very much like a traditional bar mitzvah, a Jewish coming of age celebration that usually takes place when a child turns 13. Rambo’s owners celebrated this occasion by burning candles, saying prayers, and breaking bread. Rambo even got a peanut butter cake as well as a dog-sized Kippah and Tallit.


The bark mitzvah had long been a joke amongst Craig and Ruth, Rambo’s owners. However, they had decided to go through with the joke as a fun way to celebrate with their grown children and family.

Ruth said, “The kids are all away at college work and Marines boot camp, and we love sharing fun pictures and videos of their ‘hairy brother.’ Life is stressful enough we all needed a happy occasion to celebrate. The reaction from family and coworkers has been very positive. We hope that others share in the joy that Rambo brings to our days. Rambo is always full of love, loyalty and brings smiles to us all.”

The photos of the decked-out pooch quickly went viral, capturing many people’s hearts. 

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