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Cats have a reputation for being lazy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like all animals, they need some kind of motivation and stimulation to stay active, yet their humans often provide very little for them to do or be excited about, especially if they’re indoor cats. That’s where toys come in! Here are 10 toys that will keep your cat’s mind sharp and their body fit.

1. Petstages Tower of Tracks

Petstages Tower of Tracks

Source: Petstages Tower of Tracks/Amazon

This durable toy with a non-slip base will mentally and physically engage your cat. The tower has 3 different levels of tracks, 6 brightly colored balls for them to swipe and chase, and a safety bar covering the top hole so your cat won’t get stuck. This popular product works great for one or multiple cats. Petstages Tower of Tracks costs $14.49 on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “We got this for her our 9-week-old kitten. She is good at chasing and playing but when she doesn’t want to chase but she needs to be busy, we pull this out and she loves to play with it. But I only pull it out every once in a while so that she doesn’t get bored with it. But it is a great toy! Definitely recommend it for kittens and it’s a good value for the money. The balls are only colored ping pong balls though so not super sturdy but they seem to work fine and roll fine for now.”

2. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder

Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder

Source: Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder/Amazon

This award-winning toy is lightweight and will slide on floors, which will enhance the difficulty level of finding food and give your cat more exercise. The box contains inner chambers that will challenge your cat to retrieve treats and provides 3 different levels of difficulty, plus a bonus level you can unlock with the instructions. This product is also recommended by veterinarians, made with 30 percent recycled cardboard and printed with metal-free inks. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder costs $15.92 on Amazon.

Rebecca Gallant says, “This is my second time purchasing the Catamazing box. It keeps my indoor kitties from gobbling up their treats too fast and gives them the hunting enrichment they need. Since it is made of cardboard, my new kittens like to bite and rip off pieces of the box (or any box for that matter), so I had to give the durability 3 stars, but everything else is 5 stars across the board. Will definitely purchase again once they’ve destroyed this box. lol!”

3. Rainbow Cat Charmer

Rainbow Cat Charmer

Source: Rainbow Cat Charmer/Amazon

This durable, classic toy will give your cat great aerobic exercise and help enhance their agility and mental focus. It’s also made in the USA and crafted with non-toxic materials. You may want to consider putting this away when you’re not using it, as there have been some rare reports of cats ripping off pieces of fabric and choking on them. Rainbow Cat Charmer costs $6.49 on Amazon.

Jackie says, “My cat absolutely loves this. It’s made out of soft, lightweight felt material, so it really flies around when you wave it and he likes that much more than the heavier wand toys you basically just drag on the floor. As some other reviewers mentioned, because it’s a soft felt material, cats can (and probably will) chew parts off and may swallow them if left unsupervised. It’s probably a good idea to supervise while they play and put it away and out of reach after. We had another similar toy and this is a replacement because my cat ate part of it. This one goes safely in a drawer when not in use.”

4. Yeowww! Catnip Toy

Yeowww! Catnip Toy

Source: Yeowww! Catnip Toy/Amazon

This colorful toy has a natural cotton twill exterior and is stuffed with organic catnip. It’s also highly rated on Amazon, made in the USA, contains no fillers, and is colored with vegetable and soy-based ingredients. Yeowww! Catnip Toy costs $6.99 on Amazon.

Kim says, “I purchased my first YEOWWW! catnip toy for an elderly cat at the rescue I worked with because he was so depressed. ‘Archie’ loved it so much that when he was adopted I sent it with him and let his new mom know what to get him! Since then I have purchased many of these brand toys because they are well-loved. They are also extremely durable. I like the rainbow shape because they can ‘rabbit kick’ it while enjoying it! Great brand, great toy, would purchase from this seller again!”

5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Source: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge/Amazon

This award-winning toy is made from recycled corrugated cardboard and features a modern design that will look great in your home. It’s durable and can be flipped over to make it last even longer. The scratching surface allows cats to relieve stress and exercise, and it keeps their nails healthy. Plus, it gives them something else to scratch besides the couch! PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge costs $49.95.

Bonnie S. says, “There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this product and neither does my cat. She is on it quite a bit and all her scratching needs are satisfied. It is stylish, so very well made and well worth the money. My cat not only uses it for scratching needs but sleeps on it and keeps all her little fabric mice on it. This is the best product I have bought for my cat. I anticipate it will last one year as you can flip it over and use the bottom. Not a bad price for saving the furniture.”

6. YVE LIFE Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy

YVE LIFE Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy

Source: YVE LIFE Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy/Amazon

This motion-activated laser toy turns on when it detects movement and then operates for 15 minutes before turning itself off again. It can be activated once per hour, has two different speed modes, is noise-free, and rotates in a circular pattern up and down. The USB battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and lasts for 3 days. YVE LIFE Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy costs $22.90 on Amazon.

Danielle says, “My kitten LOVES her laser pointers, but was starting to get a little obsessed. If she heard me grabbing it, she was UP and ready to pounce. I love that this pointer has a slow and fast setting, and it just goes on randomly. Sometimes the cats will just watch it, tuckered out from their last chase. Sometimes they are both up the second it turns on. A few reviewers were mad about the laser climbing the wall, probably they should be more mad that they didn’t look at the super basic directions. You just have to adjust where the laser goes, and I started it super low and then adjusted from there. It’s great, it’s quiet, and my cats (and dog) LOVE it!”

7. Trixie Cat Activity Feeder

Trixie Cat Activity Feeder

Source: Trixie Cat Activity Feeder/Amazon

This interactive cat feeder will force your cat to think and use various strategies to remove their treats from the various compartments. It includes 4 different games, a non-slip bottom, and an instructional booklet. It’s also dishwasher safe. Trixie Cat Activity Feeder costs $32.92 on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “Great cat activity board! My cat is very food motivated and a beggar. He was immediately interested when I put food down. Took him at least 3 separate times of filling to fully get the concept and how to get the treats but now he’s a pro! He cleans the board every time! Minus the fish bowl part, we haven’t gotten that yet. It’s fun to watch his brain work at getting those treats. Definitely recommend this!”

8. LUCKITTY Geometric Cat Tunnel with Plush Inside

LUCKITTY Geometric Cat Tunnel with Plush Inside

Source: LUCKITTY Geometric Cat Tunnel with Plush Inside/Amazon

This 47-inch collapsible tunnel has a soft flannel interior and a tough waterproof exterior. It includes two vents in the middle, a dangling ball toy, steel springs that allow it to pop out easily, and linking buttons to connect more tunnels. LUCKITTY Geometric Cat Tunnel with Plush Inside costs $21.99.

Rosemary Taylor says, “This tunnel is high quality, long and it is easily stored in seconds. My cats love the three escape ports on top. They ambush each other and have plenty of room to escape. It has sturdy buttons on it to keep it closed. The price was very reasonable, I was impressed and will buy another one.”

9. Cheerble Interactive Cat Ball Toy

Cheerble Interactive Cat Ball Toy

Source: Cheerble Interactive Cat Ball Toy/Amazon

This automatic moving ball has 3 different modes of operation, an obstacle avoidance sensor, LED lights, a soft surface, and is a small enough size for cats. The ball operates for 10 minutes and is then inactive for 30 minutes. The battery charges in an hour and allows for 4 hours of playtime. Cheerble Interactive Cat Ball Toy costs $34.99 on Amazon.

Brittany B. says, “My cat has spent the last 40 minutes excitedly going after it in gentle mode (rolling). It’s very quiet, especially compared to other robotic cat toys which is fantastic, and within seconds it gets out of most places it was stuck in. I haven’t had to get up as much as any other toy to get it unstuck, which is nice! It’s also very easy to get hair off of it!”

10. SPOT Sponge Soccer Balls

SPOT Sponge Soccer Balls

Source: SPOT Sponge Soccer Balls/Amazon

These non-toxic miniature soccer balls are soft and durable. They’re about the size of a golf ball and are perfect for a game of fetch or for your cat to swat around. SPOT Sponge Soccer Balls cost $5.49 on Amazon.

Beth Wade says, “I think I have purchased at least 12 of these packages of 4. My cat hides them all over the house, and he hides them very well. He loves them, though, and so I just keep buying them if I can’t find them. He plays fetch with me with them. They are sturdy, and they hold up well! Even the older ones that I have found, are still in pretty good condition despite little teeth marks on them. They really are his favorite toys and I am so happy he enjoys them. Highly recommended!”

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