10 Organic Catnip Treats and Toys

Image Source: StooMathiesen/Flickr

“Organic” was once a foreign word in our daily language just over ten years ago. While organic products have been on the market for far longer, the term did not reach its current popularity until more recent years. These days you can walk into practically any store and there’s bound to be something with organic origins from clothing to mascara. Since the demand for organic goods is on the rise, many companies have begun to offer organic products for our furry friends. Now you can purchase nearly anything organic for your pet including collars, leashes, and shampoos. Even catnip has gone organic, and we’re glad it has.

By definition organic catnip is grown under controlled conditions without the use of pesticides. This is great news since your cat is bound to cozy up close to it. Organic is definitely the way to go if you want to keep your cat at her healthiest while helping the environment.

But isn’t catnip a drug for cats? This is a common question that many cat owners have posed over the years. While the effects of catnip indeed seem drug-like at times, the plant is actually not a drug but rather a member of the mint family. The chemical inside catnip that causes a cats’ strange behavior is called trans-nepetalactone, which has a similar smell to the chemical that is found in a dominant female cat’s urine. There’s nothing to worry about—catnip is completely safe for your feline and is even safer if purchased organic.

So let your cat get a little crazy with these 10 organic catnip treats and toys.

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