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Top 5 Reasons You Need More Spirulina in Your Life


We all know spirulina is a superfood, but many people are still shy of using it for some reason. Oh wait — perhaps I know. It’s the alarming bright green color, right? Or is it the funky seaweed smell? Whatever your reasons, put them aside for just a few minutes and consider these top five reasons you definitely need more spirulina in your life:

1. Nutrient Powerhouse

Spirulina isn’t just a superfood – it’s a vegan necessity in my book. It contains over 150 percent of your daily Vitamin B12 content in just one teaspoon, with 4 grams of protein, 80 percent of your daily iron intake, and over 880 percent of your daily Vitamin A intake. If that’s not enough, it contains the natural chemical known as PEA, which boosts brain flow, mental focus, and serotonin production. Some people call it “nature’s multivitamin” and I have to say, I definitely agree.

2. It’s Easy to Add to Smoothies

For those of you that can’t get past the taste or smell of spirulina, smoothies are your answer. Masked in a smoothie with some cacao, goji, vanilla, maca, maybe a touch of vegan protein powder, and even a banana if you like, spirulina is actually pretty tasty. Just add one or two teaspoons if you’re new to using it. You’ll hardly know it’s there, outside of the bright, beautiful green hue.  Just don’t eat it straight off the spoon if you’re a first-timer. That’s something even I wouldn’t do!

3. It’s a Great B12 Option for Vegans

If you’re not a fan of nutritional yeast or don’t tolerate yeast due to yeast sensitivities, spirulina is another great way to get in your Vitamin B12 content, which is important for vegans. Vitamin B12 helps improve digestive health, prevent low energy and a sluggish metabolism, not to mention depression since it boosts brain health.

4. Thyroid Booster

This power sea algae can also improve your thyroid, since it’s rich in iodine and micro-nutrients. All seaweed is great for your thyroid but spirulina’s specific nutrient profile makes it a better option for your money.

5. High Chlorophyll Content

Lastly, it’s bright green color content denotes the amazing amounts of chlorophyll that spirulina contains, so don’t knock the color — it’s a sign it’s good for you! Chlorophyll helps balance your body’s acidity, which can help prevent inflammation and acidosis. It also cleanses the digestive tract and nourishes the body on a cellular level. If you workout, the anti-inflammatory powers are also great for nourishing those hard, overworked muscles too.

Need some recipes to get you inspired?

Here are three fabulous spirulina recipes I love and think you might too:

1.  Tropical Green Spirulina Smoothie

2. Healthy Nut-Free Spirulina Vegan Sesame Bars

3. Spirulina Pumpkin Seed Smoothie With Cacao Nibs

Do you use spirulina? Have a favorite recipe? Feel free to share!

Image source: Jennifer/Flickr

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10 Months Ago

I thought spirulina is considered an animal, since it eats plants.

Sophie in Montreal
1 Years Ago

Spirulina is Not a Good Source of Vitamin B12

1 Years Ago

I\'m a big fan of Spirulina smoothies. As Life and Relationship coach, I recommend all my clients to try Spirulina to improve their general health. Recently I found an article how Spirulina can improve the love life of couples. Looks like Spirulina is a REAL Superfood - smile. https://pinkycloud.com/spirulina-improves-love-performance

1 Years Ago

180 caps (0,5 gram) = 8$ http://www.iherb.com?rcode=JWK978

4 Years Ago

Microbiological test shows that 36% of vitamin B12 in Spirulina are active in humans http://www.researchgate.net/publication/236095734_Nutritional_and_Medical_Applications_of_Spirulina_Microalgae

4 Years Ago

Great! I love Spirulina. In Switzerland we have the Unique fresh Spirulina Drink on the market www.spiralps.ch
So tasty! I love it

4 Years Ago

B12 is exclusively a bacterial product. Therefore plants, including spirulina, don\'t have it. Spirulina does, however, have B12 analogues of whom many are inactive; compouds that resemble B12, but do nothing. They may even interfere with normal metabolizing of B12. Remember that B12 is stored in the liver for years, but once depleted, a deficiency can cause permanent damage to your nervous system. Be safe, and please consider that everything you do reflects on the movement, and people tend to remember cautionary tales better than the success stories.

04 Jul 2014

Spirulina in fact is a bacteria not a plant :P

4 Years Ago

Informative with great recipes, however... I don\'t see a warning to those you have any type of irritable bowel or things like this. As someone with intestinal problems that tried this product, DON"T. If you have a healthy digestive system, go for it.

26 May 2017

Did you ever take it in pill form? I have a dicey tummy, always have with (lots of fighting in my house, youngest I know who was diagnosed with an ulcer - which of course also had to do with foods that were not helping) I used to buy spirulina at my fave health food store, it was great stuff. I don\'t remember an unpleasant smell in the pills, just a specific one :) My IBS has been gone since I became vegan, 3 years and a week ago, such a surprising and wonderful "side effect"!!

I really need to get this back into my diet - thanks for a great article, and sorry about the people who will do anything to return all of us to the omnivore life. Shudder!

Nadja A Croft
4 Years Ago

Love and appreciate this article! I would like to ask, what form is the best way to use and consume spirulina?
I have had it added to smoothies, and I assume they used a powder, but what are the all of the options for
consuming it and what is the best? Also, if you did not want to consume it in a smoothie, what is another way
to do so? Mix with water or fruit juice, perhaps? Thanks so much!

07 May 2015

I beljeve that before of using any product such as spifulins we should search from trusted sources thst this super food is ssfe for human consumption. Who tells to who what to use and what to take ?

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