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Here at One Green Planet, we’ve already provided plenty of reasons to give up meat. But if you need an extra motivational boost to make the change—or you know someone else who might—consider taking a pledge to take extinction off your plate!

The Take Extinction Off Your Plate campaign is a project by the Center of Biological Diversity, a Tucson, Ariz. based organization working “through science, law and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.” The center has expressed concern that global meat consumption is accelerating deforestation, drought, and other environmental crises, and believes that eating less meat is one of the most effect steps people can take to reduce their environmental footprints.

“Many people don’t realize the devastating toll meat production has on wildlife and the planet,” said Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director at the center. “The livestock industry has nearly driven animals like wolves extinct, and it’s responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, trains and airplanes combined.”

The center recently polled its members about their attitudes towards meat production. More than 80 of participants expressed the belief that environmental groups should do more to reduce global meat consumption, while 75 percent said that the biggest hurdle to reducing national meat consumption is a lack of awareness of meat production issues. This new campaign seeks to change that.

“Americans already eat more meat per person than almost anyone else in the world, and our wildlife and climate are paying the price,” said Feldstein. “As our population grows, we’ll face worsening problems of livestock-driven drought, pollution, climate change and wildlife extinctions unless people start choosing to eat less meat.”

According to a statement by Take Extinction Off Your Plate, reducing meat consumption by 33 percent may save as much as 4,000 square feet of land, more than 340,000 gallons of water, and the greenhouse gas equivalent of driving 27,000 fewer miles annually.  Who knew one simple change could have such an enormous positive impact?

The campaign’s website contains more resources regarding the impact meat consumption has on climate, habitat, water, and wildlife. It also features the Earth-Friendly Diet Pledge, which invites visitors to sign the pledge to reduce meat consumption by one-third.  Vegetarians are also encouraged to take the pledge and inspire friends to do the same.

“Many of our current environmental crises are either directly caused by or worsened by our culture’s dependence on meat,” the pledge reads. “By meating less, we give the world and wildlife a break.”

The pledge already has almost 6,000 signatures, and yours could be next! Click here to sign and share!

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24 comments on “Cut Down the Meat! Eating Earth-Friendly Can Help Prevent Wildlife Extinction”

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Rusty ForeverFree
4 Years Ago

i have quit eating dead animals years ago.....

Larry Edmonds
4 Years Ago

This evening (Friday evening supper w family in restaurant) I pledge to eat NO RED MEAT

Marcia Cash
4 Years Ago

all agriculture is basically unnatural.

Linda M Jones
4 Years Ago

Have cut it out completely

Thomas H. Conrad
4 Years Ago

Once again One Green Planet displays moronic character.

Jan Roberts
4 Years Ago

hubby and i have been meat free since '08 never going back..wish we'd have started sooner!

Shirley Furgoch
4 Years Ago

With 7 billion sharing the earth...meat consumption the way it is now is deadly for all

Liz Tanner
4 Years Ago

Already done for many yrs now even tho I have deficiencies.

Lillie Carter
4 Years Ago

I've been working on it and I'm almost there ! :)

ReGina Gainey
4 Years Ago

Yes, not to mention we have the largest obesity rate, and largest sickness/disease rate in the world.. Veganism/Vegetarian is even biblical, not to mention Israel just became the first Vegan country.. Jesus himself ate kosher and forbid ppl to eat half of the things they are eating...it's bc he wanted ppl healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, but here's just a few scriptures to back it up.. LEVITICUS 11:7-8.. ISAIAH 52:11.. ISAIAH 66:3,17.. DEUTERONOMY 14:7,8>(REFERRING TO DEER, OX, RABBIT & SWINE) MATHEW 23:27..PSALM 5:9..ACTS 23:3.. MATHEW 23:27,28.. ISAIAH 65:2-4.. TIMOTHY 4:1-5. Hopefully these ppl out here killing animals will wake up bc it's actually against God and they clearly have no respect for that, nature, animals, or themselves. These scriptures are in the book they claim to follow and also new scientific studies have shown that we were never meant to eat these animals..it was just a survival skill that stuck. Anyone that does a little research can clearly see this for themselves. "Education is key"


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